Odette Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Odette Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Odette is one of the most beautiful mage heroes who turn off in Mobile Legends, the main characteristic of this hero is a mage that can give high damage to more enemies (more enemies more damage).
Therefore this hero is very suitable for team fight, he is also one of the best and strongest heroes in Brawl mode thanks to his ultimate skill that can eradicate all heroes in one area. Odette Best Build

According to Odette, including heroes that are easy to master and the gameplay is quite simple, we still need a good positioning, especially when using ultimate skills. We also need to be smart in utilizing existing skill combinations including passive skills to be able to maximize the strength of this beautiful hero. The following is a complete tutorial on how to play Odette starting from its advantages and disadvantages. Odette Best Build
Odette Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Odette advantages:

  • Hero mage war team, because its main character can attack many enemies at once and will get more and more pain if the more opponents, then this hero is very strong in team fights moments, therefore we have to rely on the team to attack together when push tower/lane. I myself do not recommend playing alone or in the lane alone without friends who accompany because this hero is less effective in 1 vs 1.
  • Bulk Burst damage, passive skill, and 3rd skill have a very high damage area (AOE), we can take advantage of this advantage with mass CC combinations that our friends have, for example, Johnson / Tigreal’s ultimate skill, if the timing is right we can finish all teams the opponent instantly uses the combination of skills.
  • The hero poke is very good, the passive skill range is far enough and will bounce off enemies around the target (including the turret), so we can repay the enemy’s blood slowly with skill 1 and skill 2 to trigger passive skills.
  • Easy to use, how to use this hero is easy because the way it is playing is the same as the hero mage in general, which is enough to spam skills safely behind the team, the only thing to note is when using ultimate because we have to find a good position to be able to hit many enemies at once and also not easily attacked, especially by crowd control heroes.


Odette deficiency:

  • Very vulnerable to CC, the biggest drawback of Odette is that the ultimate skill can be plugged in using crowd control such as stun, knock up, etc., even without the ability of the enemy CC hero can also stop the ult using the Petrify spell.
  • Quite easy to avoid, the next biggest weakness is when using ultimate he cannot move or issue other skills at all (unlike Alice who is free to move) so it will be easy for the enemy to dodge, but this can be tricked by using the Flicker spell and items- items that give a slow down effect.
  • Not have a good escape/movement skill, this speed hero movement is quite slow and he does not have any mechanism of movement on all three skills so it will be easily snatched and hit by a gang so this hero will depend more on tank/team backups. throughout the game.
  • Dependent on the team, because it is very soft and slow, it is definitely necessary to always protect behind the team, as well as when releasing the ultimate there should be backups that can block the enemy so that he is not attacked especially by CC heroes.


Odette Best Build

Odette Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Odette’s item builds only focuses on magic damage, the rest can add items that have passive skill effects such as slow down, reduce healing, etc.
  • I suggest using the first line item build (Ice Queen Wand) because it will give a slow effect which is very useful when Odette launches her ultimate skill so that the enemy will be exposed to the maximum damage from the ultimate skill.
  • Use the second line build if we only care about giving magic penetration.
  • If the opposing team has a hero healer (Rafaela, Estes, Angela) and a high lifestyle hero (Ruby, Alucard, Fanny) then you should buy a Necklace of Durance item (reduce healing 50%).
  • The build above is what I think is the most ideal. if you feel there is a build that is more suitable for your style, then try experimenting with your own build items.
The most suitable battle spell for Odette is Flicker.
Use Flicker for positioning when using ultimate skills, besides that we can also use this spell to run away when snatched so you can play more safely.
For emblems, we can use Common Magic or Custom Mage emblems.

Odette is very good / OP to fight the following heroes:

  • All heroes without CC skills
  • Karina
  • Natalia
  • Alucard
  • Bane
  • Roger
  • Argus

Odette is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • All hero tanks
  • Saber
  • Lancelot
  • Gusion
  • Hayabusa
  • minshittar
  • Chou
  • Zilong
  • Ruby
  • Alpha
  • thamuz
  • Jawhead
  • Aurora
  • Nana

Best partner Odette

  • Tigreal
  • Akai
  • Johnson (Johnson and Odette’s skill combination is one of the best combos)
  • Diggie (as an anti CC, the Diggie ultimate skill can cover Odette so that the 3 skill is not stopped by the enemy)

Tips & tricks for hero guide Odette:

  • We recommend that you do not do solo farming (hit jungle/buff monsters alone) especially in early games because this mage is very long for business, Odette is a hero who is less effective when farming because it tends to waste time and HP to just kill 1 forest monster (skill it is more suitable for many enemies than single targets), so we recommend farming a jungle monster with the team and finding more gold / exp than the existing wave minions.
  • Always spam skills 1 and 2 to trigger passive skills, we can also reflect this passive skill through the turret if there is no hero/minion target around the enemy, so be diligent in paying off the enemy’s HP little by little (poke) throughout the game.
  • It would be better for us to save and use the ultimate in unavoidable moments such as when teamfight, when you push the tower or maintain the turret (the enemy team is attacking our tower), or it could be hiding in the grass / bush and do sudden attacks with a combination of skills, but Odette’s ultimate skill will be maximized if we can combine it with other hero skills such as Johnson and Diggie ultimate skills.
  • Always take shelter behind our team, poke enemies from a safe distance and most importantly pay attention and be alert with your opponent’s CC hero because they can break our skill 3, therefore you should wait for the enemy to use the existing CC skill, or find a position that is truly safe from the reach of crowd control and use Flicker to take a better positioning.