NFL News: Carl Nassib Announces He’s Gay

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NFL News: Carl Nassib Announces He’s Gay

Last Monday, Raiders defensive midfielder Carl Nassib announced publicly that he was gay. Because the announcement made his name listed as the first NFL player to publicly announce that he was gay.

This was revealed by Carl Nassib through an upload on his Instagram account, where he said openly that he was gay. He thinks that representation, as well as visibility, is important.

Previously, Carl Nassib also donated $100,000 to The Trevor Project, a non-profit community focused on preventing suicide attempts among bisexual, gay, and transgender teenagers.

Carl Nassib Has Been Gay 15 Years Ago

The shocking news did not stop there, but Carl also revealed that he had suffered as a gay for the last 15 years of his life. Carl is a veteran NFL player who previously played defender for Tampa Bay and also the Cleveland Browns. he felt very comfortable being able to reveal this to the public.

The player, who is currently 28 years old, did not forget to thank his teammates, coaches, and the NFL for supporting him.

The support didn’t just stop there, but in a statement Monday, Commissioner Roger Goodell also said he was proud of Carl who was tempted to share the truth about his feelings and heart. Representation is very important.

Raiders also showed their support for Carl by making a post on Twitter with the caption “We proud of you, Carl!”.

This announcement Nassib made was a significant turning point for the NFL. He also made history as the first active NFL Gay player in the world since 101 years of the league rolling. The sport itself is also one of the last strongholds from which homophobia can thrive. So having a professional athlete of that caliber is a very historic thing in today’s world of sports.

Many sports athletes, as well as former athletes from all sports, showed positive reactions to Carl’s announcement. A retired world tennis star, Billie King, also showed his support for Carl. This is also a new history in the NFL world.

Because several previous NFL players have also publicly announced that they are gay. But all announced after their playing career in the NFL world was over. Previously, there was David Kopay, who became the first NFL player to state that he was gay in 1975. This was committed three years after he retired.

Followed by Roy Simmons who is the second player in the NFL to say if he is a Gay. This was announced in 1992 after he decided to retire from the NFL world. His previous career was with the Giants as well as Washington. Furthermore, he also said that he was HIV positive and had to die in 2014 due to complications from pneumonia 2014.

Maybe after Carl, there will be another active NFL player who will announce that he is gay. Because they saw Carl getting positive support from various athletes in other sports.

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