Nearby features are empty in Pokemon GO?

Nearby features are empty in Pokemon GO – Who doesn’t know about this game, the more popular Pokemon GO game is played by many people. The more days the interest increases, it can be seen from several posts on blogs or social media that discuss pokemon GO.
There is a little problem when playing this game, most players cannot use full features like gym and Ppokestop maps, and the most serious problem is the pokemon GO feature is empty or empty, even though we know the features near pokemon go represent indicators far from our position with the target Pokemon.
We seem to walk without direction in the middle of the forest, and worse, besides the problems near empty or empty, we can not find even one pokemon when going far to miles of population or urban areas.
Nearby features are empty in Pokemon GO? 1
Does this really concern the area where we live is not in Pokemon or there is an error in the application, we will discuss it here.
Analysis of Pokemon around where your friends live may not have Pokemon, it causes the Pokemon Go location indicator does not appear which is described in “EMPTY NEARBY FEATURES“.
A blank neighbor identifies pokemon around you is not there, the reason is if you use an incense item or a module and pokemon appear near you, the nearby feature remains empty.
This can also be seen if you walk to see the nearby tab (located right below) if Pokemon is near you, the tab button seems to glow, this identifies if there is Pokemon. But when we tap nearby it remains empty right?
if you experience this problem, even though you are looking for pokemon to another city, the results will remain the same. You will not be able to get Pokemon without using incense or module items.

Why is nearby empty?

A: The answer is quite simple, this Pokemon GO game has not been officially released in your city.
B: Well … what’s the connection with nearby empty, even though it’s not official this game can be played through the APK file we downloaded?
A: Yup it’s true you can play pokemon, the nearby problem is empty is actually not an error in the application, the application you are playing has been running properly.
The problem is that the developer or admin team of Pokemon GO has not placed or inserted the Pokemon characters in your area. For now, Pokemon characters can be found in big cities, maybe at that time, the developer will officially release this game in various regions.
I have done a small experiment, we are looking for using the same brand and type of cellphone. This is done by two different cities, one in a big city and one in a small city. The two people install the same APK file and the results?
Players in big cities play pokemon without any problems nearby empty and in small cities nearby empty problems actually occur, even though these two people use HP with the same type, brand, and sim card.
Recommendation: for players who are still experiencing nearby blanks in their homes: Often visit Pokestop to raise your level, you don’t need to search for pokemon unless you use incense items because the results will be nil if you search without items. Please wait for this game to be officially released