Moskov Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Moskov Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – The popularity of this hero began to decline since the all-out nerf (passive skills and skill 1) and with the emergence of the new marksman hero, OP such as Karrie and Irithel made Moskov a bit forgotten, but make no mistake this hero is still the favorite choice of users mm and still very strong in the phase late game as before. Moskov Best Buil
The most unique thing about Moskov is its attack ability that can penetrate the enemy backward, so it doesn’t matter even though there are tankers even though Moskov can still attack the opponent’s tank and the friends behind him will be damaged, making it very OP at the end of the game ( late game). Especially when he has an ultimate skill that has a 1 map attack distance so it is suitable for finishing an opponent hero who is dying and trying to escape. Moskov Best Build
Moskov Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Moskov advantages:

  • Attack speed is very fast, 1 skill gives attack speed bonus which is very useful for farming, cleaning minions, and attacking enemy heroes/towers quickly.
  • Fast farming, thanks to its passive skill (penetrate ability) he can sweep minion very quickly (because spawn minions line up in 1 straight line), making him get more gold & exp and level up quickly.
  • Hero mm with good CC skills, so far only Moskov is the only marksman that has an opponent’s stun ability even up to 2 seconds (skill 2).
  • Burst high mass damage, in the phase mid-late game it can provide massive damage that is very large thanks to the high attack speed of skill 1 and the attack can penetrate several enemies at once so that it can hit many opponents and many heroes at once.
  • Very strong / OP at the end of the game (late game), with skill 1 and passive skills not surprised at the phase late game he is one of the strongest marksman (after Irithel) who deserves to be feared by his opponent.
  • A good hero, in the phase late game he can destroy the tower very quickly, no wonder this hero will often bring an epic comeback victory at the end of the game.


Moskov deficiency:

  • Weak at the beginning of the game (early game), since the passive skill and skill 1 was nerfed, this hero became weak at the beginning of the game, so it needs to be as early as possible and build core items as fast as possible.
  • Which is very wasteful, because we have to often spam skills (especially skill 1) both when we push, push tower, and attack the enemy, so this hero is very wasteful, which bad news is that Markman buffs can’t help reduce consumption, so we need to save and which guard is as effective as possible in the game.
  • Need the right positioning, the most important key in playing Moskov is positioning, because the attack range is short for marksman role, and when using skill 1 there is a distance of dash that is far enough so if one jumps in the future it turns out to be a blunder and silly death.


Moskov tips on build items:

Moskov Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • The Moskov item builds exactly like Miya because these two mm heroes both rely on attack speed as their main weapon. Focus on build attack items first (Scarlet Phantom) to increase the effect of bonus attack speed from skill 1.
  • If there are 2-3 magic damage heroes on our opponents we can use Rose Gold Meteor (Magic Blade) for better survivability, build Deadly Blade if there is a healer (Rafaela / Estes) or high life steal heroes like Alucard, Fanny, and Zilong.
  • Buy jungle item in early game and sell it after lvl 10 so you can grow faster and level up immediately, all marksman heroes really should buy a minimum level 1 jungle item to start in the early game because marksman’s main task at the beginning of the game is to focus on crunching and finishing core items to help push in later phase mid-late games.


The most suitable battle spell for Moskov is Retribution and Inspire.
  • Use Retribution to quickly farm and level up, this spell is the most recommended because Moskov tends to be weak at the start of the game.
  • Use Inspire so that the attack speed is even better, with this spell Moskov will be very, very strong in phase mid-late games, but the drawback is that he will be leveling up longer than using Retribution.
For emblems, we can use Physical or Physical Assassins.

Moskov is very good at fighting the following heroes:

  • All hero tanks
  • Fanny (late game)
  • Sun
  • Balmond
  • Hilda
  • Odette


Moskov is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • Karina
  • Natalia
  • Lancelot
  • Zilong
  • Roger
  • Kagura
  • Layla & Clint (late game Moskov lost range)


One map shot:

The ultimate Moskov skill can attack enemies in 1 map area, it is very good to kill dying opponents, check maps frequently and team conditions especially when war, is there a hero who has thin blood, use the help of the top left map.
Tap/press folder and make sure that the enemy of his HP is critical or can also use feeling to guess where the enemy will move, launch the ultimate skill with the help of the minimap (we can see the direction of the attack before being released). 


Tips & tricks for Moskov’s hero guide:

  • Always position yourself in a straight line while cleaning the minion so that all the minions behind the target are also hit by damage penetration, this also applies when team fight and push turret.
  • Focus on farming as early as possible, remember this hero is weak in early games and very dependent on items, so try to keep and build core items as fast as possible.
  • Maximize skill 1 first because this skill is the main weapon.
  • Learn to take the right distance with the dash skill 1, don’t get too close to the target but also not far away, if the position with the opponent is right we can move left / right for the positioning, if we are pressing/push and the opponent tends to be defensive we can dash come forward, on the contrary, if we are being pressed back then the dash goes back. Try to be at the farthest distance from Moskov’s basic attack range because this hero attack radius tends to be shorter than other mm, so we need to keep the distance and be extra careful.
  • Use “Hero Lock Mode” so as not to attack the wrong target (it is the duty of all marksman heroes).
  • Take advantage of the opponent’s wall or hero for longer stun using skill 2, use skill 2 when the enemy is close/parallel, and if we don’t get the right position use the skill 1 for positioning, remember this skill 2 auto-aim forward so make sure the enemy is close to the wall/tower or other heroes and its position is straight with Moskov.
  • When you run away you can knock back your opponent with skill 2 (even better if stun a wall or other hero) and use the dash of skill 1 to escape, this skill 1 can also be used to penetrate the existing wall/obstacle.
  • When our war team can attack tanks to use mushy heroes like a mage / mm behind it, the most important thing is our position must be perpendicular to the enemy target behind it, so position yourself well and use the opponent’s tank to damage other heroes from a distance, even at level 12 above the damage penetration becomes more painful than the basic attack so that when we attack the tank, the enemy behind it will be exposed to greater damage.
  • Skill 3 (ultimate) can also be used for many things other than securing kill opponent (finishing), examples such as stealing Lord / Turtle, stealing jungle monsters and buffs, and also killing minions from a distance. The point is map awareness is very important considering we have the skill of a map area like Yi Sun-shin, so often pay attention to the situation.