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Mobile Legends Adventure Tips and Tricks – Mobile Legends: Adventure (MLA) is an Idle RPG game in which there are characters from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game. This game is certainly different from MLBB, in this game you will control and train five heroes at once.
MLA requires a different way from MLBB because players must be able to match heroes from different classes in a team to form a strong and flexible line of formation changes based on the enemies faced.
For you MLA players, the following tips and tricks to play Mobile Legends: Adventure will help you understand how to build a strong team, determine the right hero, get free diamonds and more.

Use Auto-Battle

You will see a selection of “Auto” buttons on the right of the screen that can help you in a variety of circumstances because it will automatically release the skills of the heroes and you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.
Use Auto-Battle as long as you fight on an easy stage because this feature can help you complete the stage quickly, letting the heroes act on their own.

Get a Hero

You can get new heroes in various ways, one of which is using diamonds. You can save 2500 by completing the first chapter and buy all the daily prizes in the game, such as going to the Wishing Shrine or choosing the Premium Summon option.
You will find two types of summon, summon 1 time requires 280 diamonds and summon 10 times requires 2500 diamond. So, make sure you have 2500 Diamonds to do 10 times summon because it’s far more useful than you only do 1 time summon.
In essence, collect and save up to 2500 diamonds so you can do 10 times summon at once instead of only doing 1 time summon.

Determine the Hero

Each hero has class and specialty, the following is an explanation of each class and specialty of the hero:
  • Tank (Tigreal etc.): Heroes specialize in tanks or front-line units that protect their comrades in the backline and reduce damage from enemies.
  • DPS (Damage Per Second): A type of hero who can use DPS skill, or can deal with great damage.
  • Crowd Control: Hero with skills to control enemies, such as stun, locking enemies in an attack or healing.
  • Fighter class (Bane etc.) : attacker
  • Support: Healer (able to restore health to teammates), buffers.
  • Assassin: Able to deal with damage in one target and can attack enemies in the backline.
  • Marksman: Able to deal damage with AoE skills and good at defense.
mobile legends adventure tips and tricks

Upgrade Hero

To upgrade a hero, you must think carefully before doing it. At least you have a mainstay hero that can be prioritized to be upgraded. If you are confused about which hero you want to upgrade, you can read it by clicking this link.
There are several ways to upgrade heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure, here are the ways:
  • Level Up: Increasing the level is one way to increase your hero strength, by playing Campaign, you will get Hero Experience and Battle Points. Every time the hero gets upgraded or learns new spells, the level up also requires an Advance Stone. So, to level up you also need resources.
  • Gear: Increasing the gear will also increase your hero stats, to increase gear, go to the Heroes tab -> tap the hero you want to upgrade the gear and tap the Equipment tab -> tap the gear you want to upgrade and tap Upgrade.
  • Fusion: Combine heroes with stronger heroes through Fusion Shrine to increase hero stats and also increase levels.
  • Upgrading skills: Upgrading a skill is also a way to increase the strength of a hero. When a hero reaches a 2-star mythic, also known as 7-star, you can upgrade their skills. You need a skill stone to increase hero skills, but now skill stones are very difficult to obtain because they are considered rare.
  • Runes: After a hero reaches level 41, the rune system will open for that hero. Runes are buffs to increase all attacks or magic power to HP. Every rune upgrade requires rune emblem or common powder if you don’t have enough rune emblem. To get the Rune Emblem, you must complete the Tavern mission, perform a crusade, and collect idle rewards.

Set a Strong Team

You must set formation based on the class and specialty of each hero. Use the best Tank (front line), then DPS (deal damage) and supporters (healers, buffers).
Here you can form a team of 5 heroes, so make sure you include Tanks in the team to reduce damage and protect teammates from enemies on the backline and add DPS and Healer. Combine 2 Tanks, 2 DPS, and 1 Healer or 1 Tank, 3 DPS, and 1 Healer.
Mobile Legends Adventure Tips and tricks 1

Join an Active Guild

This feature also has a function, for example getting hero management from guild members or buying hero fragments using guild currency, and more. So, it is strongly recommended to join a guild, especially active guilds.

Play All Game Modes

Playing all game modes, such as Labyrinth and Arena are highly recommended for those of you who want to get lots of prizes such as diamonds or free coins.
Mobile Legends Adventure Tips and tricks 2

Get Free Diamonds

You can claim free diamonds by going to Hero List -> Gallery -> Story and then claiming diamonds, in addition to that you can also get free diamonds by watching advertisements, tap the “Free Diamonds” button at the bottom of the screen then watch ads and after completing free diamond claims.

Add Friends

You can get a heart by adding friends, tap the Friends button -> add/invite. Go to the list to claim and send a heart. Heart is useful for summoning heroes from the Wishing Shrine.
That’s the tips and tricks to play Mobile Legends: Adventure. If you have other tips and tricks to share, write your comments below.

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