Minshittar Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Minshittar Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Minsitthar is a hero fighter who has the ability to crowd control like a tanker and most unique he has a new CC type that is “grounded“.
Grounded is crowd control that makes opponents unable to use directional skills such as dash, jump, blink or flicker, and charge (any skill that makes the hero move in a directed direction). Minshittar Best Build
You could say this hero even has a CC capability that exceeds the tank because all of his skills have crowd control effects. The first impression of playing this hero feels like playing Franco who has high damage (semi tank fighter). Minshittar Best Build
For those of you who like to use Franco and fighter heroes like Zilong and Alucard, you will definitely like this one Myanmar hero. Without further ado, this is the complete tutorial on how to play Minsitthar. First, we start from the advantages and disadvantages. Minshittar Best Build
Minshittar Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Minsitthar’s advantages:

  • Fighter super crowd control, first skill can attract enemies (second hook), second skill gives stun or knockback, and ultimate skill has a grounded effect that can count on agile opponent heroes, especially Fanny, you could say this hero has CC skills that very complete to scoop up and silence his opponents.
  • The combo of the three skills can produce a very dangerous attack, first we can kidnap the target with skill 1, then we hold it with skill 3 (grounded) so that it cannot escape with the existing escape skill, then add skill 2 as stunner, especially the three skills also have significant damage so that if launched correctly then the opponent will not be able to move against this Minsitthar attack.
  • Ideal in all phases, Minsitthar is an early-late game, but it can be more OP in the beginning because we can use the turret to hook into the tower.
  • CC skills + mass damage, ultimate skills give CC effects and area damage which will be very troublesome for the enemy in a team fight condition so this skill can provide advantages over massive push and defense tower.
  • Flexible, flexible hero here means that we can build this hero freely according to circumstances, we can play fighter roles, semi-tank fighters or even tankers, because the characteristics of this hero are the same as Chou’s, which is fighter damage that has a lot of crowd control capabilities.


Minsitthar disadvantages:

  • The cooldown skill is quite long, although all the skills are indeed OP. Unfortunately, the CDs of these three skills are also quite long, which is why we should build a minimum of 20% CDR so that spamming skills can be more frequent throughout the game.
  • Relying on skill, Minsitthar’s main weakness is that it relies more on skills than basic attacks in the attack, so we have to play like assassins rather than fighters, therefore timing of skill use is very decisive for victory, which means that the player’s skills are important and must maximize hero potential this well.

Minsitthar item build tips:

Minshittar Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Minsitthar build is focus on cooldown reduction and physical damage, sometimes there are also players who build defense items (tanks), but you should still build like full fighter (or at least semi tanks) because the damage skills will not be optimal, but other stories if we only want to use it as a crowd controller.
  • The build above is what I think is ideal in various situations, but this hero is flexible enough so that you can try various combinations of other items such as build tanks, assassins, or even marksman, but my advice should be to focus on building CDRs (at least 20%) so we can maximize the skills throughout the game.


Minsitthar Spell Recommendation

The most suitable battle spell for Minsitthar is Flicker. Use Flicker for various situations such as chasing enemies or running away from your opponent’s gank, this spell is very flexible and more importantly it can be combined with 1 skill like Franco (flicker-hook).

Minsitthar Emblem Recommendation:

For emblems, we can use Physical or Fighter or Assassin emblemsMinshittar Best Build

Minsitthar is great to fighting the following heroes:

  • All hero marksman
  • kimmy
  • Fanny
  • Hayabusa
  • Lancelot
  • Helcurt
  • Gusion
  • hanabi
  • Harith

Minsitthar is very weak against the following heroes:

  • Zilong
  • Roger
  • Aldous
  • Leomord
  • Martis
  • Kagura
  • Diggie

Minsitthar (flicker-hook) skill combination:

We can kidnap the opponent’s hero by using the skill 1 + flicker combo just like the Franco flicker-hook combo, but here our timing must be right, different from Franco when the enemy hit skill 1. Minshittar Best Build
We can flicker immediately (the enemy will be interested), we have to wait for a little bit time until the enemy is dragged for a moment then we use flicker (if it’s too fast or we immediately flicker when a new enemy hits a spear skill 1 then chances are the target won’t be interested). Minshittar Best Build
Skill 1 -> Flicker (wait until the enemy is dragged down a bit)
Examples like the following snippet:
Minshittar Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 3
We can add further attacks with skill 2 (stun) and skill 3 (grounded) like the example above to trap the enemy in the tower for longer, pay attention to the timing, see footage above the new flicker used after the enemy is drawn or dragged, so don’t too fast launch the combo.
We recommend that you try the exercises first in a custom or a new mode “Practice Mode” that makes it easy for you to practice special skills like this.

Tips, tricks and guide Minsitthar:

  • At the beginning of the game, focus on snatching your opponent into a turret with skill 1 (flicker-hook), looking for opportunities and if your opponent is off guard, immediately pull them into the tower and launch a combination of existing skills.
  • We recommend that you save and use skill 3 on agile heroes like Fanny, Harith, or Hayabusa. Our focus is to eliminate the agile assassin, but it depends on the situation as well, if there are more dangerous hero carry opponents and not a lively hero (marksman or fighter), then there is no harm in using ultimate to brush the hero.
  • Do not just engage in the midst of enemies without tanks backing up, let alone playing from the ultimate 1 vs 5, remember Minsitthar is actually not a hard tank, so keep playing safe and look for loopholes to kidnap one by one enemy hero with skill 1 from afar, wait for a chance / the right moment to use ultimate like when you’re in a war team where there is a team backing us up.
  • It is better to avoid fights / basic attacks with fighters and assassins whose OPs are close combat, such as Zilong, Karina, Natalia, Roger, Aldous, and Leomord. To fight heroes like this we must rely more on teamwork and maximize existing CC skills.