Mina Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor

Mina Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor – Mina is a Tank class hero, which means she has a very large defense and max. The skills he has also support him as one of the best tanks in AoV. When early game Mina can open vision map to prevent your forest from being invaded by enemies.
When it’s late game, you will be the deciding factor of war victory because it can survive and attack thanks to its passive skills.
Mina Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor 1

Tips and Tricks in Taking and Using Skills

The first skill you have to take is the Death Scythe to be able to roaming to another lane. But the next skill that you have to maximize is Whirling Scythe because it will give great damage to the enemy especially if you already have a high defense item.
The use of Dark Dominion must always be considered because if you can’t hit many enemy players then the incoming damage will remain normal. Use Death Scythe to bring the attacking enemies from afar like Archer and Mage before using Dark Dominion so that all enemies are affected and maximize the potential of Sweet Revenge.

Item Guide

A. Early Item

1. Essence of the Wind
The most perfect item support for Mina because it gives a lot of attributes such as HP regen and where, physical defense, HP max and movement speed. This item will maximize your potential as an observer who must be roaming to each lane to protect your teammates and harrase the enemy.
2. Gilded Greaves
Shoes are mandatory for every Melee hero because the resistance status given is very high, making Mina harder and definitely maximizing her potential as a Tank.

B. Core Item

1. Mail of Pain
Items that Mina must get in every game. Additional physical defense status and HP max provided will greatly help Mina as a Tank. In addition, the effect of Mail of Pain is to reverse the physical damage he receives to a magical damage that is in harmony with Dark Dominion and Sweet Revenge.
2. Gaia Standard
The maximum additional HP will make the damage from Sweet Revenge and Whirling Scythe even greater. Gaia Standard also provides additional movement speed that makes your rotation easier. The HP Regen given was also very high when Mina received damage, making her even harder.

C. Optional Item

1. Sonic Boots
If your enemy has a lot of physical damage, of course this shoe can be an alternative to Gilded Greaves. Suitable for holding a lot of damage from Warriors, Archers and some Assassins who rely on physical damage.
2. Mark’s Tidecallers
If you are not used to active items such as Essence of the Wind, item support that provides additional damage and defense is a good alternative. Maybe for those of you who are less familiar, the Tidecaller Mark is the latest version of Bulwark that used to be in AOV.
3. Aegis
This item can be added if your item slot is still empty. The cooldown reduction and slow effect for attack speed and the movement speed to the enemy given are in harmony with Dark Dominion. The additional physical defense of The Aegis is also very large and certainly makes Mina more tanky.
4. Amulet of Longevity
Item is the most favorite late game for Tank heroes. The extra large amount of max will make Mina harder and also the damage from Sweet Revenge and the Whirling Scythe will be even greater.
5. Rock Shield
If your hands are agile enough, buying this item for late games is a good option. Especially if you still feel that the defense you have is still very lacking. The shield given by this item will make Mina even harder to kill.
6. Medallion of Troy
If many enemies cause magic damage, try changing one of the items you have to Medallion of Troy. Magic defense, as well as the magic shield that is produced will make Mina able to withstand damage from Mages.

Talent Guide

1. Flicker
Flicker will make you run away when the situation worsens, or make war initiations easier and unexpected for the enemy. Flicker is often combined with Dark Dominion to surprise the enemy when a war occurs.
2. Heal
Heal is also a good talent for Mina. Heal will help Mina and her teammates get out of the situation almost to death instantly.