Masha Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide)

Masha Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Masha: Wild-oats Fist is a unique hero because she has 3 HP bars, it also has a very high regeneration and lifesteal ability so she doesn’t need to rely too much on recall or lifesteal items to survive, the main characteristic of this hero is the distance fighter that has high DPS burst damage and amazing survival abilities.
Masha Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) 1
By having 3 life bars we can be more careful and measure the right timing to engage in battle. In fact, Masha is very OP in battle 1 against 1, especially against melee hero because she has the skill to disarm the opponent. Without much ado following Masha’s complete tutorial, we first start from the advantages and disadvantages.

Masha’s Strengths | Masha Best Build

  • 3 bars HP & special passive. Masha’s passive skill gives him 3 bars HP and a lifesteal bonus when she loses the first life bar and 60% resilience (anti-CC). When he loses the second life bar, the thinner blood will get the attack speed bonus so that the speed attack will be higher, besides that she also has a passive special where she can increase her HP by 1 life bar when he is not attacking, so it is very easy for us to recover a dying HP and fight back without having to bother returning to our base.
  • Has super DPS that can beat all opponents. According to me, the main advantage of this hero is in skill 1 which can damage based on opponent’s HP, this skill will sacrifice Masha’s HP every second also with this skill she can quickly farm, beat turtle/lord, destroying towers, slaying heroes including hard tanks though, we could say this hero is perfect to beat anyone.
  • The ability to disarm an opponent. Masha’s skill 2 is useful for giving a disarm effect for 2 seconds, this effect will make the opponent unable to use basic attacks at all (unless she takes pieces of weapons that come out of his body). Of course, this is very useful when fighting with fighter/marksman especially during late games and one by one.
  • Very strong in early games. With 3 HP bars and skill 1 which are quite broken, Masha does not need to rely on items to give high DPS so she is very OP at the beginning of the game, try playing more aggressively at the beginning because of damage and his HP is far superior to other heroes and be careful they are getting closer to late game, Masha will be more vulnerable when attacked. Masha Best Build

Masha disadvantages | Masha Best Build

  • Very soft and vulnerable CC. Having 3 life bars does not mean this hero becomes hard like a tanker, instead his life bar decreases faster when hit by damage, therefore we need to be vigilant like a fighter in general, the main use of these 3 HP bars is an immunity when you lose your HP bar so you can immediately keep your distance from your opponent’s gank at a critical time. You should avoid engaging when fighting many heroes at once especially if there are CC heroes like Saber or Aurora.
  • Lacking mobility skills. Masha’s main weakness is that she does not have good movement skills other than increasing movement speed with skill 1. The ultimate skill is only useful for chasing opponents who are trying to escape but we cannot use them to escape, so make sure we are superior before engage because it will be much more difficult to escape.

Masha Best Build Item

Masha Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) 2
  • There are 3 types of builds that we can use, the first line is a fighter build and is useful when the enemy has a lot of thick heroes like tanks or hard fighter.
  • Build 1 will be very quick to destroy the tank especially if coupled with the skill 1 Masha which is the ability to form a tank killer, 
  • Build 2 if there are not enough enemy teams or no tankers.
  • The third line is a tank build that suitable if our team does not have a tank, Masha can also be relied on to be a tanker because she has 3 life bars and the ability to regenerate. I personally do not really recommend this build because the potential of her skills is more directed to the fighter than the tank, but this can be an option if there really aren’t any tanks in the team.
For battle spells, we can use Sprint because it is very flexible to either run away or chase opponents who try to escape. Other options we can use Flicker, but I personally prefer to use Sprint because it is more suited to the playstyle of close combat.
For emblems, we can use Fighter or Marksman emblems.

Masha is very good to fight the following heroes:

  • All hero tanks, fighter & marksman (early-mid game)
  • Natalia (early)
  • Helcurt
  • Odette
  • Esmeralda
  • Rafaela
  • Estes | Masha Best Build

Masha is quite weak against the following heroes:

  • All hero fighter / mm (late game)
  • Fanny | Masha Best Build
  • Hayabusa
  • Gusion
  • Hayabusa
  • Selena
  • Aurora
  • Vexana
  • Zhask

Masha’s tips, trick, and guide

  • The main key in playing Masha is to take advantage of the early-game. What does that mean? Masha has advantages that are quite unfair at the beginning such as being able to recover 1 bar HP with a fairly short delay, skill 1 can deal high damage without having to buy items, then when critical lifesteal & attack speed will increase so it is much more effective when farming including destroying tower, turtle, and lord. So in the early game, we should play brave because we have a lot of HP stock and can recover quickly with lifesteal and regeneration of special passive skills, while the enemy must prowl the base we can use it to steal the opponent’s jungle, roaming, and kill turtles. By playing aggressively we will be easier to push and dominate lane so that the team will more easily win the game. Be aware because Masha is very soft in the late game, so win the game as early as possible.
  • Keep skill 2 for heroes who attack with basic attacks, don’t use it on opponents who don’t rely on basic attacks to deal damage like mages or tank because it will be useless, then be careful with barrage crowd control because we can only be immune for a while when losing a life bar, examples of heroes with CC insistently are Chou and Ruby.
  • Maximize skill 1 first because this is the core damage of Masha, be diligent in farming and kill turtles when they appear. Remember, Masha is strong for turtle/lord alone even though at the beginning, we should in 2 life bar while farming so that the attack speed increases and we can farm quickly. When going back to lane or new team fight restore your HP with a passive special.
  • Use the hero lock mode so that we can lock the target, especially when using the ultimate skill so it does not lead to the wrong hero, ideally aim for the soft heroes first, but Masha can also kill tanks quickly, we can try to attack the opposing tank if indeed her condition was calm and had not yet entered the war team.
  • Masha isn’t very effective at the end of the game, so it’s best to finish the game as fast as possible, get the team to continue to push lanes and towers, be diligent to roam at the start, steal enemy jungles/buffs, take turtles/lords when they respawn, and turret installments when there is any moment of opportunity.

One thought on “Masha Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide)

  1. Gravatar Image masteredy says:

    Hello, Masha is very flexible with any build. Especially Counter Item/Hero build is highly recommended. I am using Masha as heavy DPS/fighter. With help of Jungle Emblem (status points to Brutal, Swift, Veteran Hunter) and Retribution. Farming in jungle makes you rich and helps you level faster than any hero on the battlefield. With the help of Hunter's Knife + Retribution, last hit by Retribution grants 50 extra gold and with Hunter's Knife gets extra 15% EXP on jungle monsters. With this you can easily kill low level heroes and gank them nonstop just to make sure they cannot farm.

    I highly recommended This item build:

    1. Hunter's Knife (is a must)
    2. Swift Boots
    3. Raptor Machete (Hunter's Knife Upgrade)
    4. Corrosion Scythe
    5. Windtalker
    6. Demon Hunter Sword
    7. Berserker's Fury or Blade of Despair

    Me as Masha user says,
    Why build defense if you can swiftly kill 'em?
    Jungle monsters first, but enemy turrets? You can destroy it later and much faster.
    Timing is your best friend…

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