Martis Best Build, Tutorial, Tips and Trick (Guide)

Martis Best Build, Tutorial, Tips and Trick Mobile Legends (Guide) – Martis is a fighter hero who is quite often banned in ranked mode since its inception, even though in recent seasons fighter heroes tend to be forgotten, I rarely see fighter roles (damage fighters) found in ranked tier legend-mythic.
Martis often appears even often as an auto tire hero because indeed this fighter has special abilities. According to me ,this hero is also one of the strongest fighter heroes suitable for playing solo rank in any tier. Martis Best Build
Martis Best Build, Tutorial, Tips and Trick (Guide) 1
The main characteristic of this hero is the fighter who has the ability to charge to penetrate enemy formation and kill flabby heroes in the back row quickly, so it’s no wonder Martis becomes a nightmare for marksman and mage on the opposing team. Martis Best Build
He also has immune skills which is very useful to avoid crowd control (CC is the biggest weakness of all fighter heroes) and the ultimate skill that can be refreshed immediately without cooldown after getting a kill (like Karina) so that it becomes one of the easiest heroes to get savage. Martis Best Build
Without much ado this is a tutorial and tips on how to play Martis properly and correctly, we start from the explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of Martis first. Martis Best Build

Martis Advantages

  • Very fast attack speed, passive skills give a bonus attack speed of 15% for each skill use and can be stacked up to 4x, with only skill 2 he can get a 60% attack speed bonus, this is the highest bonus attack speed effect available compared other heroes in the phase early game.
  • Anti-CC immune skill, the skill 2 gives an immune effect that is very useful for breaking through enemy lines including when we use it in the middle of a teamfight, this skill is very important because the fighter must fight close combat and are often targeted the target (auto lock) CC heroes of the opposing team.
  • Good crowd control, actually, Martis’s main weapon is not in its attack power, but in its ability to effect CC in battle, the skill 1 can give a mass stun effect, then the skill 2 also has a knock-up effect and CC is like the Akai ulti skill that is useful for destroying enemy formations, if you look around, this hero is more suitable to be used as a semi tank / support that gives a gap for the team to attack and help control the war with the crowd control skill.
  • True damage and ultimate chain, skill 3 will give true damage to enemies whose blood is dying (HP <50%) plus this skill will immediately refresh if we get a kill, so we can quickly slaughter all enemies at the right time.

Martis Disadvantages

  • Often become the main target, because indeed the main character of this hero is playing breakthrough with his skill 2, so it’s no wonder we will often be targeted and targeted first by the opposing team, therefore we also need to be careful and alert when to engage or withdraw in the game.
  • Difficult positioning, the main weakness of skill 2 is that when we are used we can only change the direction of the movement once, if we jump wrong then get ready to tempe in a moment, besides that we also need the right timing and position so that it doesn’t enter the wrong area when using these 2 skills.
  • Short attack ability, basically fighter is a type of close combat and does not have long-range skills, but the three Martis skills do not have a good attack mechanism to chase enemies so that the attack is easily avoided by the opposing team, for example the mechanical skill is like Freya skill 1, Alucard, Zilong skill 2, and other dash skills that are useful for chasing opponents who try to run away (Martis skill does have a dash effect but is less effective because it tends to be long-winded and easy to see).

Martis Best build

Martis Best Build, Tutorial, Tips and Trick (Guide) 2
Martis build is very flexible because we can build this hero as a full fighter burst damage or semi tank / support. I personally usually use 2 types of builds, namely type full damage (line 1) and semi tank (line 2).
  • The first line means that we play as pure fighters who attack based on basic attack and how to play it like a fighter burst damage like Zilong and Roger.
  • Whereas in the second build we play as fighters that rely more on skills than basic attack in attack, more or less the way to play like Alpha and Lapu-lapu, meaning we have to keep our distance and wait for the skill to poke using skills that are there is.
  • I suggest you try various builds that match your playing style because this hero has high flexibility, we can build as a killer, tanker, or crowd control/poke hero.
The most suitable battle spell for Martis is Retribution, Inspire and Petrify.
  • Use Retribution to quickly farm in the early-mid game, actually any spell is also suitable for Martis because it really depends on what we want to build, but if you are confused, use Retribution as the default option so you can effectively and quickly level up as early as possible.
  • Use Inspire to maximize passive skill effects, this spell is suitable if we build it as a full fighter burst damage, if combined with a 60% attack speed bonus from passive skills (and also items) then it can attack very quickly like Moskov or Miya in late game.
  • Use Petrify if we want extra crowd control, this spell is more suitable if we want to play as a semi tank / support so we can give the team more opportunity to attack.
For emblems we can use Common Physical or Custom Fighter emblems.

Martis is very good / OP against the following heroes:

  • Fanny (Martis skill 2 can stop Fanny while flying)
  • Natalia
  • Lancelot
  • Helcurt
  • Gord
  • Odette
  • Pharsa
  • Valir
  • Layla
  • Miya
  • Lesley

Martis is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • Hayabusa
  • Hylos
  • Kagura
  • Zhask
  • Bruno
  • Irithel
  • Diggie

Tips, tricks and guide for Martis:

  • Remember that Martis’s main strength is the ability of the crowd control, so use skill 1 and skill 2 to give CC effect at the right time (don’t focus on damage because honestly these two skills don’t provide significant burst damage), use basic attack and skill 3 as the main weapon, save skills 1 and 2 for important moments like teamfight and war 5 vs 5 team.
  • Use skill 2 to ruffle enemy formations during the war team, even better if we can pick up flabby heroes like mage or mm who are careless with the help of the knock-up effects of skills 1 and 2, the way is actually rather risky, we have to sneak or hide on the grass then attack using skill 2 from behind so that the hero in the back row is pushed forward, after that, follow with skill 1 to give an additional stun effect.
  • Use skill 3 only on enemies who are dying, you should save this skill only to secure the kill (we can see black marks under the enemy’s feet when this skill will definitely kill the enemy 100%), but if it is forced (due to circumstances or whatever) we can still use the ultimate skill even though the enemy is not dying to damage as usual.
  • Keep playing safe and rely on teamwork, even though he has OP skills but still we need the help of the team to maximize the opportunities we can create with his CC skills, his ult skills are more finishing not as playing damage, so play with caution do not come close and fist fights especially against many enemies at once.