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Mario world tips and tricks – Dr. Mario World is a mobile game adapted from older games made by Nintendo, Dr. Mario This game is more or less the same as the original version, you will eradicate the virus with Mario and his friends.
Dr. Mario Worl has a variety of viruses to destroy in Stage Mode, and several PvP matches in Versus Mode. Our tips and tricks will help you to understand the game, such as how to complete a level, and get more doctors. The following tips and tricks to play Dr. Mario World.

Choose first doctor | Mario world tips

When you start the adventure in Dr. Mario World, you can choose the first doctor, here are the choices:
  • Dr. Mario can clean the lowest row of blocks and viruses. In versus mode, it has attack power 2, which is pretty good speed and defense.
  • Dr. Bowser can clean two lines on the board randomly. In versus mode, it has attack power 4, which is slow speed and varied defense.
  • Dr. Peach can clear columns on the board randomly. In versus mode, it has Attack Power 1, which is high speed and defense.
Even so, you don’t need to worry about the choices above because you can choose other doctors through the Gacha system at the end of the game. For beginners, it’s better to use Dr. Mario because he is versatile.

Take control of the capsule

You need to know that it’s important to keep the capsules moving until they hit the barrier for more than one second.
You will not be able to move again when the capsule appears to be filled. Even though the capsule is stuck there, you can make a match so that the other part of the capsule is broken and you can move half the capsule. Move the capsule carefully so that you can close the capsule.

Save capsules for bonus points

The more capsules you have left when you eliminate all viruses, the more bonus points you can collect. At a certain level you will really need the bonus point to get three stars at that level, so try to save more capsules.
However, if you get stuck, try to use as many capsules as you can and remember that capsules can only be moved left, right and up, not down.
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Complete Doctor’s Orders

After you reach level 20, you can open Doctor’s Orders which are basically daily quests. If you finish it you will get some coins that you can later spend on buying a new doctor, so try to complete it because it’s not too difficult.

Go to block | Mario world tips

At the game launch celebration, there is an ongoing Welcome Event. From level 20 onwards, you will see? blocks roam at certain levels. After you finish a level, can you reach? block and get random prizes. You might get 250 coins, 500 coins, 1000 coins, 3 hearts, 5 diamonds, and 1 staff ticket. This event will take place until July 17, 2019.

Doctors have different stats in Versus Mode

You will fight other players through Versus Mode in destroying viruses in real-time. In Versus Mode, your doctor and assistant have different stats and you have to make sure.
The first status of a doctor is attack. This determines how many lines of virus were sent when your Attack meter was filled. For example, Dr. Mario has 2 attack powers, so he will send more than two lines of virus.
The status of the second doctor is speed. This determines how fast your metrics attack in destroying the virus. Doctors who have high attack power tend to have slower speeds.
The status of the third doctor is defense. Every time your opponent launches an attack on you, you have the opportunity to block it.
Every doctor has a chance to be blocked, and that can change because of the level of attack power. For example, Dr. Mario has a 30% chance to block a 1-strength attack, a 25% chance to block a 2-strength attack, a 20% chance to block a 3-strength attack, and a 10% chance to block a 4-strength attack. Mario world tips
In addition, you need to remember that the skills of the doctor also change in Versus Mode, it all depends on the doctor itself.

Get a new doctor | Mario world tips

Staffing is a place for you to get new doctors and assistants to play on the stage. You can pay as much as 4000 coins or 40 diamonds to get it.
That’s the tips and tricks to play Dr. Mario World. Write a comment below if you know of other tips and tricks.

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