Mario Kart Tour Tips and Tricks

Mario Kart Tour Tips and Tricks – Nintendo has released Mario Kart Tour for Android and iOS. This game invites you to become the number one racer in the Mario world. Not only Mario that you can designate as a character that accompanies the race, but also several other characters, such as Peach, Bowser, Toad, and many more.
For you, Mario Kart Tour players who want to know how to win a race or want to know how to improve their character, and get free rubies, see the following tips and tricks on playing Mario Kart Tour.

Increasing CC will increase points too

The more points you have the better. Although there is an increase in race difficulty when you increase cc during the race. You will actually get more points this way.
Actually, as you go on a tour that will open more races, it will be more difficult to achieve the 5 stars you need without playing at a higher difficulty level.
So, you should play all races at 150cc (or even 200cc if you have a Gold Pass on the Mario Kart Tour).

Get higher Speed ​​and Points using various techniques

To achieve higher speed and points, you can use the following techniques:
  • Rocket Start: Provides speed at the start line of the race, how to wait until the count of 2 then tap and hold the screen, after the words “GO” immediately release.
  • Drifting: If you don’t want to lose speed, you have to hold and also move the screen according to direction.
  • Jump Boost: Direct the driver to the incline or uphill road for jump boost.
  • Slipstream: The slipstream technique can give you speed. To activate it, follow the opponent from behind and maintain the position for 2-3 seconds, then you will get speed.
  • Mini-Turbo, Super Mini-Turbo, Ultra Mini-Turbo: During turns, you can try drifting and activate the turbo booster – hold the drift for a moment and release your finger for Mini-Turbo boost. hold drift for Ultra Mini-Turbo boost, you have to change the drifting control to manual in the settings. Hold long drifts for the Super Mini-Turbo boost.
  • Using items: There are many items that you can get in the item box. You can use this item to attack your opponent or increase speed.


Choose the right steering method

You have three steering options but it’s better to ignore the “tilt your screen” because it doesn’t work well.
Choose two other steering options and you can test it yourself to see which is better because each has advantages and disadvantages.
For starters, you can use Manual Drift which can be turned on and off, it will change the way you aim your kart. If this option is active, you must swipe left or right of the screen to drift and release to move forward.
If Manual Drift is deactivated, you will lose a turbo boost, but you will get better control. You can simply swipe left and right on the screen, and that’s very easy.
However, you still have to try both and see which one is better for you to use. To change these options, you simply press the Menu button on the main screen, then tap the Settings icon in the lower right corner.

Repeat the stage to get a prize

This game allows you to repeat a stage that has already been completed. This is certainly useful because you will get a lot of prizes in the form of coins and EXP by repeating the stage. This is the best way to increase character, kart, and glider points.

Choose the right character for each stage

You have so many characters to choose from, you can’t just have one best character to play repeatedly. Actually, the more open, the more character choices you have available in each race so that each character can be a good choice depending on the situation.
The character you choose can have an affinity for the track you are currently using. The good news, you don’t need to remember which one because the game itself will show you on the character selection screen.
The only thing you have to do is choose the best character available to race.
The overall character level will affect the number of points you will get, so you must do more grinding to get some characters to a higher level.
Even with lower-level characters, if they get three items from power-ups, chances are you will still be able to race well and reach higher ranks.
The same thing applies to Karts and Gliders, but you will get more points or increase combo multipliers.

Complete the Challenge

After you get seven trophies, you can play Challenge mode and complete the tasks to get rubies, grand stars, and more.

Get free rubies

Mario Kart Tour has a premium currency in the form of rubies which are usually used to buy certain items there including characters, karts, and gliders.
  • Level up: After you level up, you will get rubies for free.
  • Daily Login: Login every day and claim the prize
  • Complete the Challenge: Complete the tasks given in Challenge mode and you will get free rubies.
  • Season Gifts: You will get free rubies as season rewards. Go to the Menu and tap the Gifts button in the lower-left corner.
That’s the tips and tricks to play Mario Kart Tour. If you have other tips and tricks to share, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments column.

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