Lylia Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Lylia Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 1
Lylia Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Lylia is a mage who has the type of Poke and Push. This Mage will be the next addition. She has the ability to trap Angry Gloom’s skill (skill 2), Skill 1 is Magic Shockwave, and her ultimate skill can reverse time is Black Shoe.
If used correctly, Lylia can kill enemies who have low to moderate health using a combination of skill 1 and skill 2. Especially when she uses the trap, she can hide it in Bush. If a trap explodes, another trap near it will also explode, and provide significant additional damage. So be careful when fighting Lylia, especially when she is hiding the trap that she has. Lylia Best Build
Lylia is a hero in one lane, which is only useful in her cage. She needs a little preparation in putting the trap, and surprising opponents who want to do something about him. Therefore, she became one of the annoying heroes, as well as being a hero who was quite difficult to control. Lylia Be
st Build

Lylia Advantages

  • AOE Burst damage is high. The bomb effect of skill 2 can spam 5 times. If we use the ultimate skill, it will reset the stack of skill 2 back to 5, so in the teamfight, these skills will greatly disrupt the formation of enemies and can dominate the game.
  • The skill returns to the time (time rewind), Lylia’s ultimate skill can make it back to the past 4 seconds, this skill not only reverses the initial position but also the condition of the HP/mana. We can also use escape to restore blood that is dying while being hit by an enemy.
  • Fun to play, depending on the preferences of each person, this hero is boring to play. But according to me, this hero is quite fun to use, maybe because the gameplay is still relatively new, I like the concept of ultimate time travel so it’s like Deja Vu and also the ability of bomb activation that needs to be prepared.


Lylia Disadvantages

  • Very soft and vulnerable CC. Lylia’s blood is very thin and easy to die when exposed to burst damage, especially if it hits by CC, it makes us not have time to use the ultimate skill. Therefore, we should play safely, use skill 3 if it is already trapped.
  • Lylia’s attack is easy to guess, Lylia’s skill 2 is very noticeable in the map area, so opponents can easily avoid it. They can predict the next bomb will be in the area near the previous bomb, not to mention a delay before the next bomb explodes, so the Lylia bomb skill will often miss if we only originated without calculation.
  • Very weak in 1 vs 1, the characteristics of this hero is same as Gord, very OP in the team but too vulnerable if alone / solo, especially if we are against an agile assassin hero.


Lylia Best build:

Lylia Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Lylia build is quite flexible, we can use anything according to the situation. If we want to play aggressively you should buy Fleeting Time so we can often use ultimate, normally just buy mana magic damage and regeneration as above (assuming we don’t get buffs) because we will very often spam skill 2 as an item where regen is very important.
  • One of Lylia’s core items is Ice Queen Wand because this item has an additional slow effect that can also be on the stack so that when we launch the skill combo 2 enemies will be slow and more difficult to avoid Lylia bomb attacks.

For battle spells, we can use Flicker because it’s very useful for extra protection when the ultimate skill is cooldown. Depending on the situation if there are many CC heroes, it is better to use Purify, so adjust it to the composition of the opposing team and circumstances.

For emblems, we can use Mage emblems.

Lylia is very good / OP against the following heroes:

  • All marksman heroes (early-mid game)
  • Karrie
  • All tank heroes
  • Natalia (early)
  • Karina
  • Bane
  • Terizla
  • Balmond
  • Zhask


Lylia is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • Fanny
  • Saber
  • Gusion
  • Hayabusa
  • Guinevere
  • Chou
  • Harith
  • Aurora
  • Harley

Tips, trick, and guide for Lylia:

  • The main key to playing Lylia is positioning. We must know where the best position to attack with skill 2 while maintaining a safe distance with existing enemy, do not get too close to your opponent because we will be seized but not too far away because the bomb attack radius is not too wide.
  • If the enemy is playing aggressively and close to us. we can immediately spam skill 2 and 1, they will be busy attacking without paying attention to the bombs, but if the enemy plays carefully, use skills 2 and 1 to make the enemy afraid to advance, keep a distance and wait for help/friends to come, because we will have difficulty 1 vs 1 against alert enemies.
  • Maximize skill 2 first because this is core damage from Lylia (skill 1 is only a trigger skill 2 and low damage). Be diligent in farming minion because the skill is AOE so we can quickly clean up existing wave minions, so other friends can focus on creep/jungle in the forest and we focus on minions, then Lylia bombs are also very useful for push and defense towers, when we push / def turret then place the bomb in the middle / near the tower so that anyone who enters the area can be attacked immediately.
  • There are two first ultimate functions for escaping (while restoring dying conditions) or refreshing stack skill 2 to full again, so first look at the situation if we are not sure that we will win the war. pressing the opponent then we can use the ulti to continue spam skill 2.
  • Lylia is not very effective alone, at least 1 backup partner (tank) can be a shield and hold the body in front, so keep playing safe and rely on teamwork. We recommend that you avoid agile heroes such as Fanny and Gusion because it will be very difficult regarding (hits) targets like them, then be aware also with CC heroes especially lockers who can give high CC and damage at the same time like Saber, Aurora and Guinevere, because often they silence Lylia (burst damage + CC) without giving us a chance to use skill 3 at all.