Guide: Luo Yi Best Build, Spell, Emblem, Tips Tricks

Luo Yi Mobile Legends

Guide: Luo Yi Best Build, Spell, Emblem, Tips Tricks Mobile Legends- Luo Yi is a new Mage hero who has a skill of Yin-Yang which is very OP both in damage and crowd control. This Hero gives the mark of Yin and Yang in which if the combination of Yin & that occurs will result in damage and CC is remarkable lethal. Luo Yi also had a unique skill in the form of teleport that could move himself and her friend 1 team so it is very useful for ganking.

The characteristics of this hero are the balance between damage and CC, it can give a burst damage AOE as well as the bulk crowd control with its combinations, so this hero is very effective in teamfight especially full team War 5 vs 5, plus her birthday skills (teleportation) can move 1 team very-very fantastic to do surprise attack (attack) so it could be turning point and epic comeback especially in late game. Here’s a complete tutorial on how to play Luo Yi starting from the advantages and disadvantages of this hero and next Luo Yi Best Build.


Luo Yi Advantages

  • Super Burst damage of AOE + CC, Luo Yi’s main strength is in the combination of Yin and Yang from the market skill, when the enemy heroes are adjacent to the different marks/mark (Yin Yang) Then there will be reaction of attraction, stun and massive damage, so it is very easy to finish off many heroes at once.
  • Multipurpose teleport skill, the ultimate can move ourselves including friends to the designated area, besides being suitable for doing 3 skill Gank is also very useful to escape/friends 1 team in a precarious situation.
  • Very OP in early gaming, Luo Yi damage at the beginning of the game is very high, especially if we already bought 1 core item such as Glowing Wand then the tank would have trouble withstanding this one hero damage.


Luo Yi Disadvantages

  • Heavily dependent on the combination, the most striking drawback of Luo Yi’s skill 1 and 2 has no significant damage (except with the added damage of items such as Glowing Wand/Lightning Truncheon), therefore we should be able to utilize the timing of combos well.
  • Less effective when 1 vs 1, because we need a Yin-Yang combo to give meaningful damage then it is quite difficult to be able to produce a combo if there are only 1 hero (possible success is smaller), we can still trigger passive with the help of skill 2 but usually enemies tend to easily avoid the 2 skill area.
  • Luo Yi does not have a movement skill and tends to be sluggish, its movements include slow (just as natural as a hero Mage) and it does not have any mechanism of movement to help him escape during at including to chase opponents. Teleport Skill is pretty useful for escape but there is a time delay of 3 seconds where if hit by Gank in mid-late game then most likely will not be safe.


Luo Yi Best Build

Luo Yi Best Build

  • Glowing Wand is the main item core of Luo Yi, because her skill 2 can give a magic damage AOE continuously then this item is ideal to poke and squeak the opponent’s HP tanker.
  • We recommend to buy Winter Truncheon if you want to watch out especially if our team can not cover well, this item is very useful to succeed us blur with Ultimate skill because before the teleport there is a delay of 3 seconds and Winter Truncheon can make us freeze/untouched for 2 seconds so the chances of escaping the enemy ganking are very high.
  • Luo Yi Best build item above is the most ideal and recommended, but all back to the situation and preference of each player, if you feel there is a build item that is better suited to your play style, then try experimenting yourself.


Luo Yi Best Spell

After About Luo Yi Best Build, now we will discuss Luo Yi best spell. The most suitable Battle spell for Luo Yi is Flicker or Flameshot. Depending on the circumstances ideally use Flicker to play safer but if we have a solid team or tanks/fighters that can support well then just use Flameshot as extra damage & CC.


Luo Yi Best Emblem

For the emblem, we can use the Mage emblem.


Luo Yi is very good/OP to fight the following heroes:

  • All Hero Tanks
  • Sun
  • Ruby
  • Balmond
  • Terizla
  • Aldous
  • Harith
  • Odette
  • Zhask


Luo Yi was quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • All Assassin Heroes
  • Chou
  • Jawhead
  • Guinevere
  • Alice
  • Pharsa
  • Wanwan
  • Diggie


Luo Yi Guide: Tips and Trick

  • The main key in playing Luo Yi is to trigger a passive effect as often as possible in 2 ways: The first combination of 1 & Skill 2 skill with a different mark or both spam skill 1 and target on different heroes. So prepare a skill 1 & 2 with the different mark before attacking (especially when the target is solo), if there are 2 heroes or more then we can spamming skill 1 and target the different heroes each attack to trigger the Yin-Yang effect. Essentially give different mark variations as much as possible on your opponent and it will be easier if the enemy gathers/more and more.
  • Take advantage of skill 3 with the team for a sudden attack, this ultimate skill is very OP to the opponent team especially the back row hero (backstabbing),  we teleport to the grass/bush so as not to be caught, then we can also use to save himself/team who want to escape (adjust their use with team needs).
  • When 1 vs 1 use Skill 1 & 2 wisely and when team fight we can spam skill 1 & 2 but aim to target different heroes on each attack so that the potential of the Yin & Combo is more and more common, then also notice the mark on the opponent’s hero do not attack origin blindly because the same mark will not produce any damage/reaction. Most importantly keep playing safe and keep the distance, if our position is vulnerable then ready to use the ultimate to blur (build Winter Truncheon for safer during the late game).

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