Lunox Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Lunox Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – This hero has 2 strengths between light and darkness, the main characteristic of Lunox is a mage that can provide DPS and area (AOE) damage.
The transition between dark & light modes makes it has a very strong in attack and defense, dark mode is more intended to attack and the light mode is more useful to survive. According to me, this hero is overpowered if we can master the combos. Maybe initially, you will be a little confused but this hero is simple enough to play. Lunox Best Build
The important thing is to understand the existing functions skill and the advantages of light and darkness mode. So we can use it at the right time. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the Lunox. Lunox Best Build
Lunox Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Lunox advantages:

  • Lunox has high DPS. Lenox’s main weapon is on skill 2 which can provide single damage targets and damage bonuses from the enemy, make it as a mage of tank killers like Karrie. We can spam the skill many times when using the ultrathin skill in dark mode, we can say that Lunox is like a semi-marksman-mage that can quickly kill (like Karrie with the magic attribute).
  • Versatile immune capability. In the light mode, we will get a different ultimate skill, that is Lunox will become invulnerable (cannot be attacked) for a few seconds and at the same time will give damage to enemies around, this skill is very good to use when we get a hit by the enemy and also amidst the team fight
  • Very strong in the early game. The combination skills at the beginning are very deadly, make it able to easily dominate the fight in the early-mid game. Therefore we must be able to utilize the early moments for push and domination the game. This hero is like Selena who is also OP in the early-mid game but tends to weaken at the end of the game.
  • The mage with good DPS and AOE. Skill 1 and 3 can give magic damage area, while skill 2 has a good DPS magic attack. This ability he can clean minions, farming,  and attack in any situation. Besides that, cooldown skills 1 and 2 are very short so we can produce damage to both areas and single targets continuously.

Lack of Lunox:

  • Slow mobility. The movement of this hero is very slow like other mages in general. Fortunately, skill 4 or ultimate in light mode can help him escape in critical situations. But, if we are in dark mode we need time to transform another mode (dark -> light).
  • Lack of crowd control. This mage is indeed more designed as pure damage, so it is less expected to control the situation in team fights. Besides that, the main attack ability is on skill 2 which can be launched repeatedly but this skill has a single target.
  • Need the right timing. We must be smart to see which time is right to use light or dark mode, sometimes if we choose the wrong mode we can die, for example when we get caught we continue to attack with dark mode even though. We should enter light mode and use ultimate use to protect yourself, or when the enemy is overwhelmed we even use light mode to attack.
  • Quite difficult to master. Actually, this hero is not as difficult as high difficulty heroes like Fanny and Gusion, but we need to understand the combination of existing skills and the right momentum to use light and darkness mode. The only way to master this hero is to continue playing and sharpening our ability in real battle because when we play we will get a better feeling and experience is the only best way to master this hero.


Lunox Best Build

Lunox Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • According to me, build item above are ideal for Lunox. Lunox can’t get cooldown reduction at all, but that doesn’t mean the build item CDR isn’t entirely useful for this hero, we can still use the CDR build as usual because all CDRs that are obtained will be changed to be magic penetration (dark mode) and magic resistance (light mode).
  • I usually use Rapid Boots to be able to move quickly (extra movement speed) and Ice Queen Wand to give a slow effect when launching DPS with skill 2.
  • I suggest to buy Enchanted Talisman because this hero is quite wasteful when changing modes and use skill 2.
  • You can use other item builds and experiment with your own playing style because this hero is flexible enough that there are many other combinations of items that might be suitable with you.
The most suitable battle spell for Lunox is Flicker.
Use Flicker to get extra mobility, this spell is very useful for Lunox. This hero is slow and doesn’t have any mobility for all his skills, only the ultimate light mode skill is useful for surviving but this skill doesn’t give extra movement speed at all so not effective enough to escape.
For emblems, we can use Common Magical or Custom Mage emblems.

Lunox is very good / OP to fight the following heroes:

  • All hero tanks
  • All fighter & marksman (early-mid game) heroes
  • Karina
  • Alice
  • vale

Lunox is quite weak against some of the following heroes:


Tips & tricks For Lunox

  • Positioning and timing are the most important keys in playing this hero. Remember, the main weapon is skill 2 (when using the ultimate dark mode skill). Try to always read the situation whether it’s the right time to attack aggressively or play safe and survive, use dark mode for jungle monster farming, attacking enemy heroes, push lanes or towers, and all the conditions that tend to be offensive, instead use light mode when we want to restore HP (lifesteal from skill 1), play safe and tend to be defensive.
  • Use hero lock mode so that our skill 2 doesn’t hit the wrong target. When attacking an enemy with an ultimate skill (dark mode), the enemy can be bombarded with skill 2 continuously so that we become like Marksman that can be firing long-range on the target around (target that is hit by the ultimate skill).
  • When attacking many targets such as cleaning minion, use skill 1 and skill 3. If you want to attack single targets such as monsters, enemy, turtles, or lord, you can use skill 2. Remember skill 1 also has a healing effect, so use skill 1 when want to restore blood.
  • If the situation is difficult to guess, it’s best to enter the light mode (just one stack). Hold light mode is the most ideal condition for any situation because we can quickly adjust to the fight either move to the dark mode or play safe by staying in light mode.