Ling Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Ling Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Ling – Cyan Finch is a new oriental assassin who has the potential to become Fanny’s competitor because they both have flying skills that make them able to move quickly.
Ling is one of the best mobility heroes like Fanny, she can come & go quickly, very OP in 1 vs 1 and has high burst damage to finish off the opponent’s carry in an instant. Ling Best Build
What’s interesting about this hero is that she can hide and walk from wall to wall, making it very difficult to catch, she can chase opponents who run away easily and hide/fly to a far wall to escape from enemy gank. The following complete Ling tutorial starts from the advantages and disadvantages. Ling Best Build
Ling Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 1


Ling’s advantages

  • Flying and sticking skills on the wall, Ling has a unique mechanism that allows him to hide and jump from one wall to another wall, it feels the same as playing Fanny who also uses the wall to move places, Ling can enter into the wall to protect (except AOE attacks range or marksman) so that we can monitor the situation safely before fighting / engage, this skill is very useful for roam and enter the war team easily.
  • Critically deadly damage, Ling’s main weapon is skill 2 which can trigger the effect of basic attack and also bonus critical damage. In the mid-late game, skill 2 can easily silence the opponent’s mage/marksman, plus this skill has a very short cooldown and the closest target auto-lock (and also a short dash) so it is very efficient for capturing flabby heroes at once.
  • Immune skill and crowd control, already have hiding skills on the wall, super high mobility, burst damage, she also still has immune skills on the ultimate skill, so skill 3 will make him immune for a moment from various attacks. The ultimate skill is used to attack but this immune ability can also be used to escape when the situation is urgent. Ling also has a CC skill, which is when we are on the wall we can directly use skill 2 in a certain area, give AOE damage and stun for a moment, then the ultimate can also give a CC effect for a moment in the form of knock-up.


Ling Disadvantages

  • Very soft and susceptible to CC, with all the advantages above of course it also has a negative side and one of the most prominent is the very thin blood. This hero is very soft especially when dealing with one-shot kill type (one combo hero dies like Eudora / Hayabusa), she is also very vulnerable to crowd control because she can be caught and killed instantly, so you should avoid fighting multiple heroes at once especially if there are CC heroes like Aurora and Saber.
  • Highly dependent on buffs, Ling uses energy systems (not mana) and like most energy user heroes, his energy will quickly run out without buffs, so make sure we can get buffs to be optimal in the game.


Ling Best Build Item

  • According to me, Ling doesn’t need to buy boots items because with skill 1 we can easily move around and skill 2 has a short dash that helps him to chase the distance when the enemy runs.
  • The core Ling items are Endless Battle and Berserker’s FuryEndless Battle is useful for lifesteal & spam true damage, while Berserker’s Fury is clearly to increase critical damage, after that the rest we can use damaged items according to the opponent’s composition and situation.


For battle spells we can use Retribution because we need to start farming especially to get buffs, Ling starts to dominate in the mid-late game, so you should use retribution to quickly farm and level up.

For emblems, we can use Assassin or Marksman emblems.

Ling is very good to fight the following heroes | Ling Best Build

  • All support & marksman heroes
  • Hanzo | Ling Best Build
  • Selena
  • Lolita
  • Grock
  • Terizla
  • Bane
  • Guinevere


Ling is quite weak against the following heroes | Ling Best Build

  • Gusion
  • Fanny
  • Hayabusa
  • Franco | Ling Best Build
  • Khufra
  • Chou
  • Ruby
  • Kaja
  • Aurora


Ling Tips, Trick, and Guide

  • Our main focus at the beginning of the game is farming as fast as possible to level up and buy 2 core items Endless Battle & Berserker’s Fury. After this item is purchased, we can start playing a little aggressive, push the tower and grab the hero who is off guard.
  • It’s best to always play safe by looking at the situation first (we can monitor the map by staying inside the wall while monitoring and replenishing energy).
  • Don’t just go forward / engage when the energy is below half (especially if there is no buff), make sure we have enough energy to escape with skill 1 after launching an attack, so keep your energy up to use skill 1 when it’s critical.
  • We can use Ultimate skill to avoid enemy attacks. Especially when teamfight, if deemed dangerous then there is no harm in using ultimate to run from the situation. When attacking with ultimate skill, make sure the enemy is in the middle of the ultimate area, so that we can maximize the knock-up effect and take advantage of the position of the sword pillar wherever the enemy tries to avoid.
  • Be careful with hero fighter burst damage, like Zilong / Alucard especially those who have extraordinary CC skills like Chou. Often when 1 vs 1 with that hero, we actually lose (pay attention to level and build), however Ling is a melee hero because. She is actually an assassin who relies on skill damage rather than basic attack, obviously will lose if there is fights / DPS with hero fighter and can even lose against MM in late game if there are miscalculations such as miss skills or improper position. Ling Best Build