Lapu Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Lapu-Lapu Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Today, will learn how to play using Lapu-Lapu properly and correctly, this hero has 6 skills and can provide bulk burst damage with all his skills.
Lapu-Lapu is including the ideal hero against another hero because it has a pretty good attack, defense, and movement, but one drawback is that Lapu-Lapu cannot provide high DPS like a full fighter hero like Zilong or Roger.
In the late game, he is more dependent on skill, It is not recommended to fight against ADC heroes at the end of the game. The main mistake in playing Lapu-Lapu is that we often use it as a hard fighter who plays close combat hits the enemy team, even though he is quite soft and does not have a good defense. The best way to play this hero is like playing Saber. Let’s learn the tutorial starts with the advantages and disadvantages first. Lapu-Lapu Best BuLapu Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 1ild

Lapu-Lapu advantages

  • Very strong in the early game, Lapu-Lapu tends to be more OP in the early game than the late game because basically, these heroes rely on skills. This hero relies on the basic attacks like marksman and the fighter at the end of the game, so try to finish the game as quickly as possible using this hero by playing aggressively push the tower.
  • Very Good on Poke, skill 1 has a pretty far range in both sword mode (twin blades) or one sword (heavy sword / ultimate mode), therefore the gameplay of this hero is similar to Saber.
  • High Burst Damage, all six Lapu-Lapu skills provide the bulk damage so this hero is very good for a team fight. Besides that, he also has good movement so he can slip and run away easily in all situations.
  • The defensive skill is quite good, the passive skill gives a bonus shield which is very useful when we are engaging and close combat in the team fight. Especially, we can trigger this passive skill with only 5x spam skills to the enemy, minions or monsters, so take advantage of the bonus shield often. this is at the right time (to activate shield we just have to hit the enemy with a basic attack when the stack of passive skills is full / 5x).

Lack of Lapu-Lapu

  • Very vulnerable at the end of the game, even though he was strong in the early game but he became weak at the end of the game, why? Because when he uses skill there will be delay and cooldown which makes him vulnerable, at the beginning of the game things like this are not too problematic because the damage from the enemy is small. Lapu-Lapu basic attack is very slow and not as big as a damaged fighter like Zilong and Alucard, so it is less effective at the end of the game.
  • Very weak against the fighters, even though the role itself is a fighter but Lapu-Lapu will lose if we use it to close combat with Zilong, Roger, Alucard in the mid-late game because the basic attack is not high (except the ultimate mode), we can only win close combat when the level was higher and use ultimate mode when attacking, so you should be careful when dealing with fighters, use poke tactics using skill 1 and when we have more HP then we can attack them.
  • Very dependent on skill, Lapu-Lapu’s relies on the skills rather than basic attacks in the attack, so we have to build cooldown reduction and play like assassins rather than fighters, so timing skills are very decisive, which means that the skill of the players must be qualified to maximize the potential of this hero.

Lapu-Lapu item build tips:

Lapu Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Lapu-Lapu build should focus on cooldown reduction and physical damage, sometimes there are also players who build semi tanks, but you should still build like a full fighter because the damage of his skills will be insignificant if we build half-half.
  • Use the first line build item if there is a lot of mage on the opposing team.
  • Use the second line build if there are a lot of hard heroes on the opposing team.
  • For me, the most suitable build is the third line because it will have high damage and be able to compete with fighter / MM opponents at the right time.
  • This hero is flexible enough so that you can try various other combinations of build items such as build marksman or semi tanks, but you should be to focus on building the maximum CDR and physical attack so that the damage from the 6 skills becomes sick.
The most suitable battle spell for Lapu-Lapu is Retribution, Petrify, and Flicker.
  • Use Retribution for fast farming, this spell should be used if there is only 1 burst damage in our team and we must focus on completing the game as fast as possible.
  • Use Petrify for extra crowd control, use this spell to slip in the middle of the enemy and give a stun, petrify is very good combined with skill 3, so that we can ensure the enemy is hit by the hitting skill.
  • Use Flicker for various situations, use flicker when chasing enemies who try to escape or when escaping from the pursuit of the opposing team, this spell is ideal and quite recommended for Lapu-Lapu especially if we want to play safer.
For emblems, we can use Physical or Fighter emblems.

Lapu-Lapu is great for fighting the following heroes:

  • All fighter(early game)
  • All marksman(early game)
  • Karina
  • Natalia

Lapu-Lapu is very weak against the following heroes:

  • Helcurt
  • Lancelot
  • Gusion
  • Zilong
  • Alucard
  • Roger
  • Lesley

Tips, tricks, and Guide for Lapu-Lapu:

  • Our main focus is to hit the enemy using skill 1 throughout the game, we can play aggressively to attack flabby heroes such as mage, marksman, and assassin (early game), but we must be careful when attacking fighters and tanks.
  • Take advantage of Lapu-Lapu passive skills by using them at the right time. We can collect the stack first by attacking the jungle’s, and activate the passive skill when engage.
  • I recommend that you should avoid the basic attacks during normal mode (two swords) because it will only make it vulnerable to enemy attacks, Besides that, pay attention to the enemy who has crowd control skills because CC skills can stop Lapu-Lapu ultimate. It will be better to wait for the right moment and find a position where the enemy will not be exposed to the CC.
  • Save skill 2 to run away from the critical situation or it can also be to chase enemies and positioning in battle.
  • Keep playing safely, assuming you are playing assassins like Saber or Karina, so don’t just go ahead, wait for the right time to engage, pay off enemy blood with skill 1 and get ready to play aggressively if the opportunity comes.
  • Remember, Lapu-lapu is more OP and dominant in the early-mid game. You should push the turret as possible.