Lancelot Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Lancelot Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Lancelot is one of the best assassin heroes in Mobile Legends, but unfortunately, this hero is too OP at the beginning of the release so it needs to be nerfed especially on his damage and life steal skill 2.
Lancelot is usually used for solo lanes 3-1-1 and is often the main carry in the game because once the gear items and hero levels are made, all the opponent heroes become soft food including tankers. Damage of skills 2 and 3 are very high and the cooldown is short so it’s no wonder this hero still tends to be strong and easy to dominate the game. Lancelot Best Build
According to me, the most annoying thing about Lancelot is his invisibility ability in skills 2 and 3, so far only he has 2 immune abilities in Mobile Legend. He has a mass damage area that can kill many opponents at once (even though the characteristics of assassins are usually specialists kill 1-1), that’s why good crowd control is needed in the team to be able to overcome this lively hero. Lancelot Best Build
Lancelot Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Lancelot’s strengths:

  • Strong in all phases, even though I have been in nerf many times, until now it is still contested in Lancelot’s draft mode, because this assassin is ideal in all phases even very strong at the beginning of the game, the damage skill 2 is very sick at first, so very good for quick push tower and also split push.
  • Very high mobility, skill 1 can be set as long as the target has not been hit by skill 1, this skill is very good to be used to escape/escape and also chasing/chasing enemies that are blurred, besides that skill 3 can also help him to run away because he has a pretty long dash.
  • Burst damage is high, skill 2 and skill 3 can be dissipated throughout the game thanks to its short cooldown, besides these two skills are in the form of AOE so that it can mass damage and master the war team.
  • A good hero poke, because skill 2 has a short cooldown with a moderate range, making it able to poke the enemy (install the opponent’s blood slowly) throughout the game, he also doesn’t need to worry about being damaged because this skill gives a high lifesteal (even though in nerf) and immunity from enemy attacks.
  • Difficult to counter, especially if the enemy is very skilled at playing this hero is guaranteed we will be overwhelmed by the pros Lancelot users, the best way to fight this hero is to scoop (gank) with the team using CC heroes or long-distance heroes, because of the affairs of close combat and 1 vs 1 directly is very difficult to win from this assassin.


Lancelot’s drawback:

  • It is very vulnerable to CC, even though it has 2 skills that can make it invulnerable, but once you get CC, this hero is easily eliminated quickly.
  • Which is very wasteful, because skill 2 will often be used throughout the game so Lancelot needs a buff to be able to maximize it and spam skills freely.


Overall Lancelot is an assassin hero who does not have many shortcomings, especially if the player is very familiar with the hero points of weakness and how to overcome them because it requires good teamwork to be able to fight this hero in battle.

Lancelot tips build items:

Lancelot Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • More or less the build of Lancelot items is exactly the same as the Saber item build, both of them rely on skill and cooldown reduction to get the maximum in the game.
  • Build in the first row is the most ideal, use Magic Blade (or Rose Gold Meteor) if there are 2-3 mage/magic damage on the mush team.
  • The second line item (Blade of 7 Seas) build is useful if there are a lot of tanks and high defense heroes in the opposing team.
  • The third build (Deadly Blade) is suitable if the enemy has a high healer and lifesteal hero.
  • The point is that Lancelot’s build items focus on physical damage and cooldown reduction.


The most suitable battle spell for Lancelot is Retribution.

Use Retribution to help to farm quickly level up and dominate the game. Basically, all assassins are very suitable to use this battle spell.

For emblems, we can use Physical or Assassin emblems.

Lancelot is very good / OP to fight the following heroes:

  • All hero tanks.
  • All marksman heroes.
  • All mage heroes.


Lancelot was quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • Saber
  • Zilong, Roger, and Alucard (late game)
  • Nana


Tips & tricks for the Lancelot hero guide:

  • At the beginning of the game, try farming as early as possible and take a buff. In level 4, we can start playing aggressively, attack and push, when the ultimate is already there (lv 4), the combination of skill 2 and skill 3 can kill mushy heroes quickly, therefore diligent be diligent roaming help the team in other lane and don’t be afraid to attack jungle enemy area with your friends in the early game.
  • Be alert to CC opponents, especially those who are remote, like Saber and Cyclops, try to practice using skill 2 at the right time to get immune from enemy crowd control attacks, this timing training is the same as using 2 Chou skills so it will be great if we maximize this invisibility ability well.
  • Pay attention to the distance with your opponent when using skill 2, make sure the enemy is not too close and also not too far away when we remove this skill 2, to get a maximum of 3 damage, consider the following picture.
Lancelot Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 3
  • The funny thing about damage skill 2 is that it only gets 1 hit if we are right in front of Lancelot, so if we use a fighter then the best way to fight Lancelot in a duel close combat 1 vs 1 is to stick to this hero so that damage skill 2 is not optimal. Besides this damage skill will also be reduced if it involves many opponents at once, so it’s better to fight this hero simultaneously, not one by one.
  • Spam skill 2 throughout the game both during the push tower and defense, when team fights searches for mushy heroes first such as marksman and mage, save skill 1 when it’s important to run away or chase enemies who run away (finishing kill).
  • If the position is safe (not many CC enemies and heroes) then use a basic attack on the opponent’s hero to trigger passive skills (extra damage).
  • If fighting fighter does not fight basic attack because it will definitely lose. Especially against the fighter, burst damage like Zilong and Roger, so it’s better to play safe using skill 2 and wait for cooldown to finish and repay little by little, especially in the late game Lancelot is very weak against fighter because it can die with just a few hits, so when late game we have to be extra careful when dealing with killer heroes like Zilong, Natalia, Irithel, and Alucard.