Kimmy Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Kimmy Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Kimmy is a marksman-mage hero who has a unique mechanism because it has 2 analogs, one for moving as usual and the other for directing shots freely in any direction.
You can say the characteristics of this hero are quite challenging, this hero gameplay will certainly add exciting new experiences in the Mobile Legends. Besides that, Kimmy also has a basic burst of attacks (like Claude). So that the right item combination will be needed to maximize this hero in the game. My experience when using this hero is very interesting because the gameplay is still new, with many overpower skills and incredible burst damage ability. Kimmy Best Build
Tthis hero will experience a lot of balancing (nerf / buff) on the next updates until finally released on the original server. The following tutorial on how to play Kimmy starts from the advantages and disadvantages of Kimmy. Kimmy Best Build
Kimmy Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Kimmy advantages: 

  • High flexibility. flexibility means it can attack while moving and even the direction of the shot. We can control (manual aim) so that it can deftly move or attack according to circumstances.
  • Unique heroes. Kimmy is the only hero who has a marksman-mage role. So he can provide balanced physical damage and magic damage. Of course, this will divide the defense item focus on the opponent’s tank.
  • The ability of massive crowd control. Kimmy has equipped with crowd-control area skills, skill 2 can provide attacks that give a slow & immobilize effect on certain areas. Make it effective to support teams in war.
  • Hero burst DPS which is very High. The basic attack of this hero has small damage but the nature of the area (AOE) and the attack is fast so that if we combine with items that have certain passive skills, it will produce a successive attack very awesome.
  • Long-range shooting skills. Skills 1 and 3 have a fairly wide range so that we can use it to attack the enemies safely. Skill 1 will poke enemy and skill 3 will finishing (like Lesley ultimate).

Kimmy’s Weakness:

  • Slow mobility. The main weakness is the movement, Kimmy movement is so slow. It does not have any dash/charge/mobility skills on all three skills, so really have to play it safe and keep the distance so it won’t be easily hit by the opposing team.
  • Miss Attack. The attack is easy to miss because the basic attack and all skill attacks are skill area (manual aim) we cannot lock the enemy perfectly, it must be directed with the right analog right so there will be lots of miss especially on the opponent hero who is nimble like Fanny / Harley.
  • The attack range is short. Compared to another marksman like Lesley and Bruno, Kimmy basic attack is not too long, but fortunately, he can still move while attacking like Irithel, so this doesn’t matter much. The real problem is in how to direct the shoot at the moving target.
  • Quite difficult to master. According to me, Kimmy is the most difficult marksman to mastered. If Kimmy wants to exposed to interruptions, we must aim again and attack from the beginning.

Kimmy tips on build items:

Kimmy Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Kimmy builds are same as Claude’s because both can maximize basic attacks using Demon Hunter Sword. So Demon Hunter Sword is the core item and we should immediately buy it first.
  • The passive skill of the Golden Staff item does not work for Kimmy’s basic attack, it may still be a bug and will be fixed later (or indeed intentionally not “work” specifically for Kimmy).
  • Sometimes, some players build hybrids with magic items, but the magic damage can only be obtained from the skill and even then it only takes half of the magic power (half of it from physical damage). We will use basic attacks more often (which is 100% physical damage) to attack throughout the game, so my advice is still a build like a marksman in general, but if you feel there is a suitable magic item then please try and experiment yourself.
  • You can try hybrid builds or various with another item because this hero is quite flexible and we can make marksman or mage, even the situation is possible.
The most suitable battle spells for Kimmy are Flicker, Sprint, Retribution, and Inspire.
  • Use Flicker to play safely. This is the most ideal and recommended spell considering Kimmy does not have high mobility and is easily snatched.
  • Use Sprint for extra mobility. Almost like Flicker but with this spell, we can chase enemies slowly (while attacking with basic attacks) or run away while attacking by keeping a safe distance.
  • Use Retribution for fast farming. Because this hero is difficult and needs more time to increase the level at beginning of the game, we can use retribution to help leveling or farm in the phase early-mid game so that the core items can be bought immediately.
  • Use Inspire to burst damage. This spell will certainly be useful throughout the game, especially in mid-late games but we can’t farm quickly at the beginning as well as the Retribution spell.
For emblems, we can use Marksman or Mage emblems (build dependent).

Kimmy is very good to fight the following heroes:

  • All hero tanks
  • Balmond
  • Alucard
  • Bane
  • Hilda
  • Chou
  • Sun
  • Argus
  • Rafaela
  • Estes

Kimmy is quite weak against some of the following heroes:


Tips & tricks for Kimmy

  • My advice before using this hero in real battle with the player you should practice firstly in Custom / versus AI because it is quite difficult to direct his shot at a moving target, at least try 1-2x first so that you get used to and get the right feeling.
  • Especially for this hero, there is no need to use hero lock mode because all the attacks are a manual aim, even the hero lock turned off, the enemy icon does not interfere with our screen view while playing.
  • An easy way to hit the target is to just move the left analog, so the shot straight towards the target and if the target moving, we just adjust to the hero movement follows where the enemy moves, this trick is quite effective on opponents whose movements are monotonous and do not have certain movement mechanisms such as jump/charge/dash.
  • Use skill 1 to provide damage (poke), use skill 2 to slow down the opponent’s hero movements who wanna try to escape. Then save the ultimate skill as an end (secure kill).
  • Remember to keep playing safe and guarding yourself, this hero is very soft to getting caught, so don’t engage alone, keep playing relying on teamwork and vigilance. Try to attack with a basic attack do it from the farthest hit radius and keep your distance while moving forward or backward to adjust the opponent’s movements.