Karrie Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Karrie Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Karrie is a marksman who can destroy enemy tankers instantly, especially in meta where there are usually 2 hero tanks in one team.
Karrie is still a very good hero choice to play, but indeed the popularity of this hero began to be shifted since the emergence of more new MM such as Irithel, Lesley, and Buff on Yi Sun-shin. Karrie Best Build
Karrie Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 1
Now in this hero tutorial, we will discuss how to play Karrie well and tips on the right item build to use in the game, first we start from the strengths and weaknesses of Karrie first. Karrie Best Build

Karrie Strengths:

  • Burst true damage, Karrie’s passive skill is giving true damage 7-13% of enemy HP, making all hero tanks and semi-tank fighter become soft like mage/marksman, this skill makes Karrie special and feared, namely its ability to give bursts true damage and ignores enemy defense.
  • Fast farming, Karrie can quickly start at the beginning of the game (early game) compared to other marksman thanks to the bonus damage from his passive skill, besides that he can also kill turtles/lords quickly in the mid-game.
  • Agile movements, Karrie skill 2 despite having a short-range, but the cooldown of this skill is quite short, making Karrie can easily position themselves throughout the game, especially this skill also provides extra basic attack attacks that can accelerate the triggers of passive skills. When using the ultimate skill, Karrie also gets extra movement speed so that it can more easily catch up / escape and maintain a safe distance from enemies.
  • Tank killer, the main characteristic of Karrie is a marksman who can kill hard heroes like tanks quickly, usually when we play marksman will target fighter or soft heroes first to be killed, but when using Karrie we can just beat up the opposing tank mercilessly and finish off the enemy team’s tankers/defenses quickly.
  • A good slow area skill, Karrie skill 1 gives a slow area effect which is very good for initiate / engage in team war or when push / def tower, besides this skill can also be used to help us catch up / escape from enemy attacks because of its slow effect quite large (80%).

Karrie’s shortcomings:

  • Highly dependent on the team, Karrie requires a barrage of attacks to be able to finish off the opponent (takes time) especially when she is not using ultimate mode, therefore during the attack he must be protected or have a backup so as not to die caught or hit by the opponent’s CC.
  • Short attack range, Karrie’s basic attack radius is relatively short compared to another marksman like Bruno and Miya, just be advised because it has an advantage on true damage so it’s only natural that the range of attacks is made shorter like Moskov whose range is short because it has penetration effect.
  • Just depend on the item attack speed, We need 5 basic attacks to trigger the true damage effect of the passive skill, therefore we must launch the attack as fast as possible with the help of the item attack speed, Karrie’s ultimate skill will also reduce the attack speed by 20%, so we really have to build items to increase attack speed to maximize this hero in the game.

Karrie Best Build Item Tips

Karrie Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Prioritize building item attack speed (Scarlet Phantom) first, the goal is that passive skills can be maximized throughout the game both when jungle or team fight.
  • First Line Build (Deadly Blade) if there are healer support in Estes and Rafaela, or there are many high-lifesteal opponents such as Alucard, Fanny, and Zilong.
  • Second line Build if there are many hard heroes on the opponent like a tank/fighter semi tank.
  • At the beginning of the game buy jungle items (level 1 or 2) so we can start and level up faster.

The most suitable battle spells for Karrie are Retribution and Inspire.

  • Use Inspire to make his attack speed faster, this spell is the most ideal to be combined with skill 3 so that it can finish off the opposing team quickly at important moments.
  • Use Retribution to quickly farm and level up. This spell is useful for starting early game and speeding up the build speed of attack items, but in the mid-late phase this spell is not very effective, Inspire battle spells will be more useful in all phases, especially in late games, so if you want to finish the game and push tower as fast as possible so use Retribution to quickly dominate the game.

For emblems, we can use Physical or Marksman emblems.

Karrie is great for fighting these heroes:

  • All hero tanks.
  • All hard fighter heroes (semi-tank) like Balmond and Hilda.

Karrie is very weak against the following heroes:

  • All assassin heroes.
  • Layla, Clint, & Lesley (lost range).
  • Kagura
  • Harley


Karrie can be strong against anyone because burst damage is indiscriminate, want to be hard/soft he can finish anyone quickly as long as he is not attacked/caught.
She can also be weak against anyone because she is a hero who is very soft/vulnerable, especially against assassin whose movements are agile, therefore a supportive positioning and team is needed to play this hero.

Karrie Tips, Trick, and Guide

  • Focus on farming as early as possible. Remember, this hero is very dependent on attack speed items, so hurry up to buy Scarlet Phantom items as quickly as possible.
  • Some players usually maximize skill 1 first, but I usually use skill 2 first because this skill is far more important for positioning and versatile both for running away / chasing opponents.
  • If being 1 against 1 with an enemy markman in the middle lane (early phase game) and skill 3 is available (lv 4 ++), we can play aggressively scooping the opponent MM by hiding in the grass and attack suddenly with the ultimate mode, because 100 % of victory will be ours if we fight with any marksman when entering ultimate mode (except his opponent Karrie too).
  • Learn to take a good position in the game, because the range of attack is relatively short, always try to keep the distance in the range farthest from the radius of the basic attack. Use “Hero Lock Mode” so as not to attack the wrong target.
  • Spam skill 1 to quickly clear wave minions, including when farming and attacking enemy heroes. Skill 1 also has a slow effect that is very annoying, especially when you’re pushing and defense turrets, then when the war team directs skill 1 in the middle so that the opposing team’s movements become blocked.
  • When our war team is free to target anyone indiscriminately, so do not hesitate to repay the enemy tank blood if we cannot engage/attack the opponent’s mage and marksman, but still prioritize to kill crucial heroes such as assassin/mage/marksman.
  • Remember skill 2 also gives an additional basic attack bonus, so spam also skill 2 when attacking to speed up triggers from passive skills.
  • Keep playing safely and always keep a distance in battle, always take cover behind our team’s tank/fighter and use skill 2 as well as possible to take a safe position throughout the game.