Karina Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Karina Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Karina is one of the most dangerous assassin heroes in Mobile Legends, the main uniqueness of this hero is the three skills that can be immediately refreshed when getting kill/assist, this makes it a hero chain killer that is very easy to get savage. 

Playing this hero is arguably easy, it’s easy because all of the attack skills we can spam throughout the game, it’s hard to need the right time and position to attack so that you don’t get hit or die silently. Karina Best Build
According to me, Karina is the easiest hero to get savage because it seems like this character is designed to get savage easily, in contrast to the majority of other assassins, Karina has magic attributes that make her a very dangerous assassin mage. Karina Best Build
Karina Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

The advantages of Karina:

  • Burst damage is high, Karina has passive skills that can give true damage of 10% of enemy HP lost in the third attack (such as Balmond’s ultimate skill), therefore it can provide damage to all opponent heroes including tanks with thick defense items.
  • High mobility, skill 1 adds movement speed for a few seconds, makes it very fast-moving lane, including when chasing opponents and escaping from enemies.
  • Hero counter tank/ fighter/marksman, skill 1 gives an immune / immune effect from the basic attack so it is suitable for fighting fighter heroes or mm who rely on basic attacks in the attack. Besides that, the true damage of the passive skill is very good to make the opponent’s tank powerless from the combination of its attacks.
  • Easy to use, actually using Karina is not so difficult as using a fighter in general, what needs to be considered is when the right time to attack because this hero is very soft and very vulnerable to CC skills.


Karina deficiency:

  • Dependent on items, because most of the damage comes from basic attacks and ultimate skills, the right build items are needed to produce high damage in the game, therefore Karina needs to farm as early as possible at the beginning of the game so that it can quickly build core items as quickly as possible.
  • Very weak against skill and CC, Karina’s skill 1 cannot make him immune from skill attacks including crowd control, therefore Karina is very easily countered by assassins and mages.
  • Very bad in def / push towers, according to me Karina is the ugliest hero for the defense of the turret, because all of the skills are short distance so it is very difficult to defend the tower from enemy attacks, especially he is also long enough to clean the minions because Karina is more devoted to killing monsters/heroes one by one.
  • Very soft, it is natural that all the assassins are soft, therefore Karina must also be careful when attacking considering all the attacks are short-range so of course she must be close to the opponent so that it has the potential to be snatched and hit by the enemy team.
  • Single target, all skills and attacks Karina only focuses on one opponent only (except skill 2), therefore it takes a long time when cleaning wave minion and is not suitable to attack multiple opponents at once simultaneously.


Karina Best build

Karina Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Of course, we don’t need to buy cooldown reduction (CDR) items for the Karina item build, just focus on the magic damage build so you can get a kill enemy easily.
  • In the fourth item, we can replace it with a Necklace of Durance if there is a hero healer like Rafaela / Estes, including high lifesteal heroes like Alucard and Fanny.
  • Lightning Truncheon and Concentrated Energy are 2 items that must be purchased (core items), with Lightning Truncheon we will get extra high damage magic and which regeneration, with Concentrated Energy we will get a spell vamp effect of 30%, with these 2 items we do not need to go back and forth base to fill blood / where and can focus continuously throughout the game.
  • The build above is the most appropriate and standard according to me, but back again on the preferences of each player, if you feel there is a better / better build then try experimenting with your own way.
The most suitable battle spell for Karina is Retribution.
Use Retribution to be able to farm and level up faster, build items will  greatly affect Karina’s strength because it is highly recommended to use this spell and focus on the early-mid game.
For emblems, we can use Magic or Magic Assassin emblems.

Karina is very good / OP to fight the following heroes:

  • All hero tanks.
  • Gord, Vexana, Zhask, and Pharsa
  • Argus
  • Roger
  • Miya
  • Layla
  • Helcurt

Karina is quite weak against some of the following heroes:


Karina Skill combination:

Karina mobile legends skill combination The above skill combination is the official tutorial version of Mobile Legends, first use skill 3 to engage (get closer) and attack, then use skill 2 followed by skill 1 (basic attack) and trigger passive skill effects, then use skill 2 again. Karina Best Build
Skill 3 (engage) -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Basic attack -> Skill 2
Personal users usually use skill 1 before engaging, so the order is like this:
Skill 1 -> Skill 3 (engage) -> Basic attack -> Skill 2
Of course, Karina’s combination can change according to (flexible) circumstances, so you don’t need to rely on existing theories, you are free to determine the sequence and combination of skills that exist with your own style and way of playing. Karina Best Build

Tips & tricks for hero guide Karina:

  • Try farming as early as possible at the beginning of the game, focus on being addictive and if necessary take a buff (if the team doesn’t need it) to speed up gold and exp.
  • Be wary of opposing CC heroes including opponent hero skills, because Karina is very vulnerable against assassin and mage roles that rely on attacking skills, you should wait for the enemy to issue existing stun skills before entering the attack when the team war.
  • When many enemies attack the tower and we are in a defense position, ask the team for help to maintain the turret, because it is very difficult to keep the tower alone using this hero.
  • Spam skill 1 throughout the game if we manage to get a buff, this skill 1 can be used for laning and killing forest monsters quickly.
  • Make sure to activate “Hero Lock Mode” so that the ultrathin skill is not straying to the wrong target.
  • When team fights always searches for soft heroes first like mage and marksman, especially those with the least blood (dying) because once we can get a kill it is very easy to continue the next kill.