Kaja Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Kaja Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Kaja (Nazar King) is one of the unique tank heroes in Mobile Legends because of its semi-support (tank/support). The main characteristics of this hero are tanks that have high mobility to protect the team and provide damage and control the surrounding conditions with the existing CC skills. Kaja Best Build
According to this hero, including the OP, if the player who plays it can take advantage of the existing advantages and maximize the use of all three skills, indeed how to play this hero is a bit different from tanks in general. We can’t just put the body in front and take all the damage just because actually Kaja is not as hard as a full pure tank like Tigreal or Akai. Kaja Best Build

if we see all the skills do not have a significant defense or bonus defense but the effect of movement speed and magic damage, so the role feels less stable as a full tank (naturally because this hero is a semi-support tank ) Without much ado, here is a complete tutorial on how to play Kaja starting from its advantages and disadvantages. Kaja Best Build
Kaja Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Kaja advantages:

  • Agile heroes, Kaja’s main advantage which is at the same time its trademark is its agility and speed of movement in the game, it can quickly trace the lane unlike tanks in general, move flexibly and cover friends who are hit or ganking by opponents, this hero is very suitable to protect flabby heroes who are often the main target when war teams like marksman and mage.
  • The attack range is quite far, basic attack Kaja has a fairly long-range (farther than a normal tank and fighter), so we can do poke from a considerable distance, at least we don’t have to stick with the opponent to damage and distract them.
  • The kidnapper hero is very good, the ultimate skill can capture 1 target and disable the opponent for 2 seconds, this skill is very useful to silence agile opponents like Fanny, Hayabusa, Gusion, and Harley.

Kaja deficiency:

  • Kaja is quite soft, Kaja is a less harsh tank (not as thick as tanks like Akai, Johnson, and Uranus), but calm down he can still take damage well and run it as a tanker perfectly as long as we play with a strategy right.
  • Lack of crowd control, skill 1 gives a slow effect on enemies around but unfortunately the range of attack area of skill 1 is very limited (the enemy must be close enough), then the CC of skill 3 can only attack/lock 1 enemy target, more or less This hero is eleven twelve with Franco (a tank with minimal CC), the type of tank with a single CC target like this will usually be less ideal in a full team fight/war 5 vs 5 team.
  • Need the right positioning, we must be smart to find the right position to damage and slow from skill 1, then we must also direct the skill 2 towards the right direction to give support to the team, and finally we must choose wisely the target that will we attack with skill 3, all the use of this skill needs a good positioning and of course we must be able to pay attention to the surroundings and make the right decisions especially when the team is war.
  • Very dependent on the team, because he is quite soft and does not have great damage, then his job here is as a support (semi tank) which helps protect friends while giving damage and crowd control to disrupt enemy formation, therefore he is quite dependent on cooperation for can maximize the gap and opportunity he gives to the team.

Kaja Best Build:

Kaja Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Kaja build is like tank build in general, just focus on defense items and adjust the physical/magic attributes that are on the opposing team.
  • Use the second line builds if there are critical, very dangerous heroes like Lesley & Clint.
  • I recommends buying Cursed Helmet, because he can move freely and agile in the middle of a battle, then this item is very suitable for dealing damage (1.5% of the max HP) to enemies around, if we are smart enough to use this hero, we can damage continuously by keeping distance and poke with basic attacks while away.
  • The build above are the ones that are ideal for me, but all return again to the preferences of each player and the situation, some players build semi tanks (half defense items, half magic items) and some even build full mage (full magic items), according to my personal full tank build, it’s still the best.
The most suitable battle spell for Kaja is Flicker.
Use Flicker for extra mobility, this spell is very useful for escaping when critical or chasing enemies trying to escape, and most importantly we can combine these spells with ultimate skills to kidnap/capture enemies completely.
For emblems, we can use Custom Tank emblems.

Kaja is very good / OP to fight the following heroes:

  • All mage or marksman (early-mid game) heroes
  • Karina
  • Fanny
  • Hayabusa
  • Natalia
  • Lancelot
  • Gusion

Kaja is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • Hylos
  • claude
  • Saber
  • Chou
  • moskov
  • Ruby
  • Martis
  • Hanabi
  • Nana
  • Diggie
  • Angela

Kaja Skill Combination:

We can pick up 1 enemy hero using skill 3, we can also kidnap and carry it further with the help of Flicker and skill 2, so first we select 1 target to be kidnapped, launch skill 3 after that immediately quickly use Flicker followed by skill 2 to bring it to the team or usually into the tower area (also launch skill 1 after that to give additional slow effects).
Skill 3 -> Flicker -> Skill 2

Tips, tricks and Guide for Kaja:

  • Positioning is the most important key in playing this hero, remember the main advantage is the movement speed this hero can take damage, so keep playing safe even though the role of the tank, do not carelessly advance in front or just hold back without calculation because he was quite soft especially during late game against heroes bursting damage like Lesley and Zilong.
  • Use hero lock mode so that skill 3 can be right about the target we want.
  • Besides being useful for mobility, skill 2 will shield your friends if we manage to hit them, so use this skill as a buff for the team during an emergency, this skill makes it a good hero support.
  • When war 5 vs 5. use skill 1 on as many opponents, even if you can’t at least attack the hero you need to silence the most (such as assassin/fighter), skill 1 is useful for slowing down enemy formations and giving the team plenty of gaps run away / chase opponents.
  • Wisely choose the target for us to scoop up with the ultimate skill, I suggest using it on the hero carry or the damage that hurts most on the opposing team, other than that if there is a gap use this skill to lead the enemy into the tower, also use the ultimate skill combination with Flicker and skill 2 so that the enemy is carried away even further.