K24 vs Noble Which is Better Car in Garena Speed Drifters

K24 vs Noble Which is Better Car in Garena Speed Drifters – K24 and Noble in Speed ​​Drifters are the two most familiar cars at this time. K24 is the easiest to get because with a minimum top-up of 120 Diamond, we can have this car. Whereas Noble is often obtained from free treasure. 
Then the question arises, which is better and faster so it’s worth to have? Before answering the question, it’s good to discuss and get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of K24 and Nobile in Speed ​​Drifters.
K24 has fairly basic attributes (drift, collision, acceleration, n-tank, turn and thruster). But the advantages are in the attributes of drift and collisions. With these basic attributes, K24 has a pretty good drift capability and also sustains accidents or collisions with walls, a.k.a not easily damaged.
K24 vs Noble Which is Better Car in Garena Speed Drifters 1
Noble has a basic attribute that is very good at drift. While the attributes of collision, acceleration, n-tank, turn and thrusters (we can be said to be mediocre).
With these attributes, Noble will have far better drift capabilities even compared to K24 but is more vulnerable to accidents.
K24 vs Noble Which is Better Car in Garena Speed Drifters 2
In the case of Mod, the Mod K24 level greatly emphasizes the Fuel side. This Mod Fuel will increase nitro duration, nitro speed and also speed from mini boost. In addition, the Transmission Mod and N-tank are also emphasized by K24 so that the focus on top speed is the main thing in K24.
While Noble put more emphasis on Mod Turbines. With Mod Turbine, Noble will increase quick boost strength, maximum mini boost speed and also the time from the quick bost.
In addition, Noble also emphasizes Fuel Mods and Engines, so that excellence in turning and short acceleration is its advantage.
Looking at the comparisons above, if you compare which one is better between K24 and Noble in Speed ​​Drifters, the answer is depending on the dominance of the tracks on the circuit. If a lot of tracks are straight then by default K24 is slightly superior. But if there are so many twists, Noble is superior.
If you look at the attributes and increase the Mod level, K24 will be better off bulldozing a track dominated by a straight track with boost and nitro capabilities. While Noble will be much better on tracks that are dominated by bends and a little straight trajectory.
The uniqueness of the Speed ​​Drifters themselves is indeed in the variety of cars with their specialties. Each circuit has different characteristics so that the ability of the car must be adjusted, also with the type of race.
But if we already have a very good basic drift capability with the high mastery of skills from the driver, Noble will be recommended because it is better in terms of drifting than K24.