Joker Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Talent, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide)

Joker Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Talent, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) – Joker is a type of gun-armed hero that was successfully released by Arena of Valor, a DC-licensed comic. Uniquely, the ability and design of this hero closely resemble the original character in the film, which is unique and strange. Just like hero archers in general,
Joker also releases Physical Attack with great damage, but the defense that is owned is very low or can be said to be soft.
The difference between the Joker and the other hero is that his skill makes him very agile and difficult to kill because it has a special effect skill that is different from archers in general, which is self-immunity from the opponent’s physical attacks.
The Joker also has the farthest attack distance compared to other heroes namely, rocket fire which is capable of going straight away about everything in the direction of the lane.

With all the advantages and disadvantages of the Joker, I still think this hero is not easy to control, especially for those of you who just played it. He said it’s difficult or not, as long as you can understand the skills correctly and look for the best position in the fight.
To increase your insight into playing this hero archer, I will provide some explanations, tips, and tricks on using the Joker.

Joker Skills

a. Passive Skill: Enhanced Bullets

After escaping the battle, the Joker fills his gun with a powerful bullet that increases the attack distance of the next attack and creates additional physical damage.
The bullet also reduces the target movement speed by 90% and slowly decreases by 1.5 seconds. This skill is active if the joker exits the battle and doesn’t fire the gun in a few seconds until the bullet is filled again.

Skill 1: Horror Gift Pack
The joker lights up the gift package that will launch a powerful rocket causing physical damage to the rocket’s straight path. Which costs 50 and the cooldown time is 5 seconds, very short.
Skill 2: Deceptive Magic
With trick tricks, joker removes the effect of blocking movement on him, increasing 30% movement speed and immunity to physical damage for 2 seconds. It requires a cost of where 80 and a can own time of 15 seconds.

Skill 3 / Ultimate: Lethal Laughing Gas
The joker temporarily confuses the enemy and attaches a can of gas laughter to the body of an opponent’s hero. The can will explode causing Physical Damage and slowing the opponent’s movement speed by 90% for 1.5 seconds.

Joker Best Combo

a. When attacking

Use passive skills to slow down the opponent’s movements, continue with the ultimate skill and end the enemy with a rocket skill 1, skill 2 to leave the fight.

b When defending/retreating

Use skill 2 to escape, stay away from enemies or if passive skills are active, use passive skills to slow down your opponent and continue using skill 2 to run away from the battle.

Joker Best Arcana

Joker Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Talent, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) 1
10 pcs each
Joker is an archer type hero who relies on long-range attacks, so it is better if you choose arcana according to the type of archer, namely attack speed, movement speed, physical attack, armor pierce and the last critical rate.

Joker Best Talent

Joker Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Talent, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) 2
Of the many talents that exist, in my opinion, the best talent to be used by Joker is flicker, because with this talent the joker can escape away from enemy attacks, this talent also makes the Joker cross the wall.

Joker Best Build/Item

Joker Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Talent, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) 3
Joker is a type of Damager hero, so the item that must be used a lot is a remote Physical Damage type item. The following are recommendations for items that I recommend.
1. Hermes Select
Shoe items that can make the joker run faster and definitely difficult to catch the enemy assassins

2. Rank Breaker
penetrate your opponent’s armor and passively is to increase movement speed when leaving the battle, very suitable for the Joker

3. Claves Sancti
Critical items that are very suitable for archer because they are very effective for long distance attacks and also have a passive to increase movement speed.

4. Fenrir’s Tooth
The most expensive item physical attack, because this item greatly influences the ultimate Joker, so if the enemy’s HP is below 50%, the Joker’s damage will increase by 30%.
For items that are 5th and 6th, you can match your enemies, here are some examples of items that I often use in the game
Joker Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Talent, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) 4
Joker Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Talent, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) 5
If your opponent uses a hunter hero Archer like Zuka, I recommend you to use Frost Cape. But one thing you have to remember is that the Frost Cape item is not united with the Omni Arms item because it’s useless if the passive effect won’t come out.
I also like to use Death Sickle items because the passivity of avoiding the opponent’s deadly attacks for 1 second is very valuable, the Joker can be used to escape using skill 2.
The Joker is a unique hero that can be placed in any position, but for now, Arena of Valor players usually prioritize and place him as a Mid Laner, because he is fast in clear wave and can help his friends in other lanes. Joker can also place your friend on the Abyssal Lane, or Lane Dark Slayer.
The unique thing about the joker hero and distinguishing it from other archer heroes is that he can also be made an Observer by Professional players and play as a team,
For those of you who just use the Joker or solo player I don’t recommend using the Joker as an observer because it needs more than just training for this.

Tips and Trick For Using Joker

Here are other tips and tricks for using the Joker at the Arena of Valor:
  1. Do not place a joker one lane with an opponent warrior or assassin. For example, Zuka or Zephys, because as great as you can, you play Joker, it will be very easy to kill by those heroes. Also, read the complete guide to using the Zephys hero
  2. Use the skill 1 rocket to quickly clean the creep, make sure 1 direction is the same
  3. Don’t waste the Joker’s passive skills just to clean the creep, because the joker’s passive skills are the most important thing from this hero, it’s better
  4. Use Joker passive skills to stop the opponent’s movements or just destroy the tower
  5. In using the ultimate skill, make sure to direct it to the hero, because of miscalculations in some cases, your friend will not pass the creep ultimate.
  6. Use skill 2 only to escape from the enemy, don’t use it only to get around the map
  7. Skill 2 Joker can only release it from physical attacks, while for attacks magic or stun from mage can not
  8. Do not place the joker too front because it is very easy to kill by an opponent, only with a few hits the joker will disappear from the alias folder is dead.
  9. Aim for opponents who have low defenses. For example, the archer or mage of the opponent, because with one passive skill shot and the ultimate Joker, the opponent’s HP will be very leaky or it can die instantly.
  10. It’s important to pay attention to the map because it’s very easy to kill your opponent if the Joker is caught when the talent cooldown.
  11. Joker can destroy a tower that wants to be destroyed even without creep, by using skill 2 to thicken itself from a temporary tower attack and use passive skills to destroy it. Remember this trick is only done if the enemy tower is just a drop away.