Johnson Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Johnson Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – In this hero tutorial, we will learn how to play Johnson. We must be brave in front and be smart to use the crowd control skills to help friends get killed when the team fight and the most important is to budge and sacrifice yourself for the team’s victory.
Johnson Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 1
The main task of a tanker is to support the team, not aiming for kill or farming, don’t take buffs or last hit jungle monsters because the exp and gold are much more important to be taken by other role heroes such as marksman/assassin, then don’t hesitate to sacrifice yourself when friends are difficult because the tank is far better dead than marksman/mage/assassin. Johnson Best Build
To maximize the role of tanks in the game, we also need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the tanker, we take for example Johnson (who has reworked) below. Johnson Best Build

Johnson Strengths:

  • Ideal in all phases, the main advantage of role tanks is that they are ideal in all phases, but there are also some very strong tanks in early games like Grock, Minotaur, Hylos, and Hilda.
  • Good hero for laning, a special characteristic of Johnson is that he can turn into a car and bring 1 friend to move lane quickly in 1 map area, this skill is certainly very good for ganking, defense/push lane, scooping an opposing team, including when trying run away from the pursuit of the enemy.
  • Has a Good Crowd control, Johnson skill 1 has a stunning effect and skill 2 has a slow effect that is very effective at close range, the combination of these two skills will certainly give a CC effect which is very helpful in the team fight. Indeed, in general, all hero tanks are equipped with CC skills that are useful for supporting and controlling the situation while in a war team.
  • The damage is quite good, not many tanks can deal burst damage to opponents, but since Johnson was reworked on skills 1 and 2, he is now able to deal significant magic damage in the game. Examples of some other tanks that can do good damage (pure tanks) are Akai, Minotaur, and Hylos.


Johnson’s weaknesses:

  • Highly dependent on the team, basically any good tank is of no use if the team cannot make good use of the situation, because it is very rare for people to play the role of tanks because if it is possible for a team that is defective it will only make us become punks running for the enemy team.
  • Crowd control is limited, skill 1 can only stun in 1 small area specified, then skill 2 also only gives damage and slow effect in the area near the front (the range tends to be very short so it needs to be very close / attached to the opponent’s hero), besides That skill 3 will only stun if the enemy is hit by a car and is near the crash site.
We need to pay attention to whether the tanks we use have a single target or mass crowd control capabilities. Examples of hero tanks with bulk CC capabilities are Tigreal, Akai, Minotaur, Gatotkaca, and Hylos, examples of hero tanks with CC single target capability are Franco and Johnson. 
By understanding the limitations on existing crowd control skills we can determine the right strategy in the game, usually the hero tank that has limited target CC skills will focus more on scoop important heroes on the opposing team, while the hero with the CC mass will be more focus on team war 5 vs 5 and disable all enemy teams at once. Johnson Best Build

Johnson Best Build Item Tips

Johnson Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • These buld item tips apply to all hero tanks because basically, we need to balance the composition of defense/armor between physic and magic.
  • Build items in the first row is the most ideal, usually used if the composition of the opposing team is balanced (there are 1 or 2 mages).
  • The second line build item can be used if the opposing team has 2 burst magic damagers or more (2-3 mages).
  • The third line build item is used if all opposing teams have the attribute magic damage (full magic resistance).
  • The fourth line build item is used if all opposing teams only have burst physical damage (full defense armor).
  • The point is we have to be good at analyzing the output of physical and magic damage from the opposing team, note there are also some assassins that provide magic attacks like Karina and Gousion, then there are also tanks that provide magic damage like Gatotkaca, Johnson and Hylos, so it’s not just mages that need to be considered when choosing defense items.

The battle spells that are best suited for Johnson and hero tanks are Petrify and Flicker.

  • Use Petrify for extra crowd control, this spell is the most ideal for all types of role tanks because it is very useful for giving CC effects while in war.
  • Use Flicker to escape at critical times or engage in attacking enemies suddenly, this spell will be more useful to be combined with existing CC skills.

for example a combination of tank skills suitable for use with Flicker:

  • Flicker + Skill 2 or 3 Tigreal
  • Flicker + Skill 3 Minotaur (rage mode)
  • Skill 1 Franco + Flicker (Flicker hook)
  • Skill 3 Lolita + Flicker
  • Skill 2 Gatotkaca + Flicker

For emblem, we can use Tank emblems.

In general, Johnson and all tanks are neutral heroes (weak against certain heroes), because the most important key in playing a tanker is teamwork, so indeed we will depend enough on our friends to be able to maximize the role of the tank well.


Johnson Tips, Trick, and Guide

  • Never take the last hit of the jungle monster let alone the buff, because it is far more important given to our friends, do not be crazy (lust targeting kill) because the tank is not designed to kill but helps the team to get a kill (assist), unless there is an opportunity can be used like an opponent who is being critical.
  • Always ready to sacrifice for the team, a good tanker will let the team die than a carrier that is ganking the opponent. It will be better if we can also escape when hit, but if we have to sacrifice one, then it’s far better we (as tanks) who sacrifice themselves.
  • Our main task is to hold the body, try to back up the mages and marksmen behind us, don’t let the soft heroes not be awake, always block the enemy so that they cannot reach the MM/heroes that we are protecting, especially when our war likes to forget ourselves because we are busy with combat, we instead forget the friends behind and they will fall asleep by the assassin/fighter of the opposing team.
  • When using skill 2 we can still use skill 1 and basic attack, because skill 2 must be directed then use basic attack assistance so that this attack can hit the target completely. Maximize skill 2 first because this skill will more often we spam good for farming, cleaning minions, and close combat with the opposing hero.
  • Try to master the map when using the ultimate skill (Car), don’t even hit a wall or go wrong when searching lane, my advice is to try to learn to drive skill in custom mode first, so that we are accustomed to and know the right direction to reach the lane is desirable.
  • Look at the map and see the condition of our team on the other lane, if they are in trouble we can immediately come to backup using the ultimate skill (this is Johnson’s main advantage compared to other tanks). Besides this skill 3 is also useful for stealing enemy towers on an empty lane, especially in the late game phase where we can immediately destroy the enemy base if at all possible.