How To Use EPSXE Emulator on Android

How To Use EPSXE Emulator on Android – So that you can play ps1 games smoothly, the one thing you need is the right emulator application. Well, what I recommend is an application called EPSXE, because I’ve tried another emulator and the game that I play can’t even run or load too long.
But after I switched from the FPSE emulator to the EPSXE emulator instead with the same game, it was faster to use an EPSXE emulator than FPSE. So the first thing you need to do is download the epsxe emulator first to your android and install it.
If you have, then download the PS 1 game again. Usually, the PS 1 game will be in the form of a file called iso, cso, etc.
After you install the emulator application, you won’t be able to open the PS1 game immediately if you haven’t downloaded the BIOS. Because this bios is very important so you can play ps1 games on your android. So you will need 3 things that must be downloaded
  1. EPSXE emulator
  2. BIOS
  3. Ps1 game itself
After you have finished installing the EPSXE emulator, then you download the required bios. If you have done both of these things, please place the BIOS file anywhere. Then open the EPSXE emulator
How To Use EPSXE Emulator on Android 1
Later the emulator will automatically search for the required BIOS file. If you don’t search for it yourself, then you only need to click on ‘Run Bios‘ to do manual scanning. If it is successful, a message will appear as above. If so, just click OK.
How To Use EPSXE Emulator on Android 2
Once done, you just click on the “Run Game” section.
How To Use EPSXE Emulator on Android 3
After that, the EPSXE emulator will automatically scan the ps1 game that you have in your memory. You must make sure if you have downloaded the PS1 game because if you don’t, then you won’t be able to play because this emulator is only an intermediary.
How To Use EPSXE Emulator on Android 4
If you already have the game, the list of ps1 games that you have will appear here as shown above. Until here, now you just have to select the game you want to play.
Just click directly on the game title that has appeared. After that, already, now you can play PS1 games smoothly using the PS1 emulator on Android.
Really easy right? Later when you want to play other games, you just have to download the existing PS1 game collection and immediately click on the ‘Run Game’ section to play without needing to do BIOS settings again.