How to Upgrade Cards on BTS World

How to Upgrade cards on BTS World – BTS World has a card upgrade system that you might be confused about how to do? Upgrading the card at BTS World serves to increase the stats on the card, but there are some steps you must do to be able to do it. Here we will help you to understand the game. Here’s how to upgrade the card at BTS World.

How to trade cards on BTS World

By upgrading the cards the stats will increase or get better and you can upgrade it when the level reaches the maximum.
You need to know that only 3 *, 4 *, and 5 * cards can be upgraded. To upgrade the card, you must make the card reach level 30 and have the Upgrade Stone needed for the member.
Because in this game there are 7 members, if you decide to upgrade 1 card from them you have to collect all the Upgrade Stones.
So, upgrading cards bts world must increase the level and you also need to know that you can only upgrade cards 3 *, 4 * and 5 *. Additionally, you need a certain number of Upgrade Stones to upgrade the card and upgrading the card will increase points given during the mission.
Cards that have reached level 30 can be upgraded, increasing the maximum level to 50. If you have 4 * and 5 * cards, once the card reaches level 50, you will open special events. Every 3 * -5 * card that you open by default, you will receive special events just by getting the card.
Every time you draw, you have the opportunity to open duplicates. This duplicate can be used via the “Exchange” menu and you will receive more EXP and the member Stone Upgrade Card.
How to Upgrade Cards on BTS World 1
There are 7 types of Upgrade Stone in this game, namely Jin’s Upgrade Stone, SUGA’s Upgrade Stone, j-hope’s Upgrade Stone, RM’s Upgrade Stone, Jimin’s Upgrade Stone, V’s Upgrade Stone, and Jung Kook’s Upgrade Stone.
Depending on the card you exchange, you will receive several cards. Continue to collect because you need a lot of cards.
After you collect a lot of cards and the card is at level 30, you can go to the “Upgrade” tab to upgrade the card.

How to Crafting Cards

Each member has 50 cards and in total there are 350 cards in this game. You can only craft 42 cards each from each member. Because the cards that you can be crafting are only 3 * -5 *, you have to really collect the right cards, it takes a long time to collect each card pieces.
How to Upgrade Cards on BTS World 2

How to Find Card Pieces

You can find member card pieces in Another Story and then choose members. There you will go to Another Member’s Story, there you can only use cards from the member, if you don’t have a good card from the member, you can wait to get it.
You can see the number of cards you have from each member of Another Story. Each member has 6 Story Another Story. In each chapter, you will open another card to use.
That’s the way to upgrade the card at BTS World. Leave a comment if you know of other guides.

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