How To Strengthen Defense In Pirate King Online

Strengthen Defense In Pirate King Online – We can strengthen our defense using Charm. Increasing the level of charm only needs to give our crew a gift. Charm function is very much, besides increasing the stat massively, we can also learn new skills from our crew.
1. Come to the Gift Shop
2. Gift House and our bag will come out. Enter Equipment from our Bag into Gift House (Equipment entered must be yellow or higher: red, purple). if we don’t have the Equipment, try searching through Treasure Hunt, Production, Daily Task, BattleField, etc.
How To Strengthen Defense In Pirate King Online 1
 3. After the item is in the Gift house, click Start.
4. Our items will be exchanged for some gifts by gift house, please click Receive to receive our gift.
5. Now open the Crew menu and select the Gift Tab.
6. Pull the gift item to our char and our crew. there will be a Send Gift dialog window, click OK if you want to give it directly, or you can add a gift of a few percents with gold.
7. Every day we are given a free Gold gift, make good use of it.