How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS – Virtual Private Server is one of the machines needed by several people working in the digital world (Blog etc.). Therefore there are some people who want to use it for training or for maximum use.

Can we get VPS for free? Of course you can, we can use Cloud IDE to get it for free.


What is Cloud IDE?

Cloud IDE is a web-based integrated development platform.

Which in the Cloud IDE is a feature running scripts that you have created with the terminal. So it must have been thought of if it’s just the same as the existing Linux terminal. Yaps really, this is just like the usual Linux terms, but some Cloud IDE providers limit the execution command for the client, because in the future there is fear that there are undesirable things.


What Websites Provide Cloud IDE Services?

For this I want you to search on Google hehe. But don’t worry, there is one website that I will leak to you, the CS50 IDE.

Now in this tutorial I will use the CS50 IDE service, which CS50 IDE was created by Harvard University for its online courses.

But the public can use it if they have a Github account. What if you don’t have the account? Yes, make it, bro.


Step to do it.

Ok, just go to the tutorial first, open the CS50 IDE website and a page like this will appear so here is why I said to have a Github account. If you have not signed up to Github then return to the main page CS50 IDE.

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 1

Here, I think you already have an account. Click “Sign in with Github”, So a page like this will appear.

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 2

Click “Authorize CS50” and you will be redirected to CS50 page where the message is “Preparing your environment”. If it appears, just wait a little, bro. If successful, a page like this will appear.

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 3

Usually there is an error if your connection slow, just refresh and it will return to normal and will be redirected to the IDE page.

Now after that click the “Add” button, and select “New Terminal”.

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 4


Step to get Free VPS.

First we install and configure the VNS Server. In the terminal run the command below.

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt -y install vnc4server

The second step is Install Desktop Environment. Here you are free to choose XFCE or FLUXBLOX.


$ sudo apt install xfce4 xfce4-goodies -y


$ sudo apt-get install fluxbox


How to use XFCE

After all sources are downloaded, there will be a choice of countries. Yes, just choose according to your heart, hehe.

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 5

And after selecting the country, the installation process will continue.

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 6

After completing installing Desktop Environment, we set the VNC password with the command.

$ vncpasswd

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 7

Now fill the password with 8 letters, because if more then the first eight letters will be used. Suggestions for passwords are as easy as you remember, if you have access from VNC Viewer, it won’t be complicated, remember.

Now start the VNC Server with this command.

$ vncserver -geometry 1366×768

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 8

Install ngrok and we can access the VNC Server with the domain. Because of the possibility that many Cloud IDEs make the Cloud IDE locals only but can still online.

Ok next install needs to download the ngrok and the ngrok configuration.

$ sudo apt-get install wget

$ sudo apt-get install unzip zip

$ wget && unzip * .zip

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 9
Well downloaded successfully. Now we run the list of the previous ngrok accounts, bro. Then copy the command in the Connect your Account section.

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 10


$ ./ngrok authtoken 1XOyyIf6BMjEkMQCJSSjPDUOSKH_2xHdhAvwUUQktqLAS4AJZ

Now after we execute the above command, execute the next command

$ ./ng tcp 5901

Then a scene like this will appear.

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 11

After that, we download the VNC Viewer. Click here.

Choose according to your OS. Then install and run the VNC.

Enter domain: the port that has been provided is running in the column that I circled.

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 12

Then click enter.

And after that there is a warning, just click continue.

Then the form will appear, there you are told to enter the password that you already set pass the vncpasswd command.

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 13

Now click OK. If the password is correct, your VPS is ready and the desktop will appear as shown below.

How to Setup Cloud IDE to be VPS 14

Well done… Finally, you can get free VPS. The length of the tutor right? hehe. It’s also for the sake of mutual understanding, bro, because the ability of all people is similar, so I made the tutorial at length to understand step-by-step.

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