How to Increase Team Spirit in PES

How to Increase Team Spirit in PES – There is one advantage that I like on PES compared to other soccer games, namely the detail of AI that is very perfect. All aspects of football really exist in this game, one example is Team Spirit.

What is Team Spirit?

As the name suggests, team spirit is a team spirit or harmony. This Team Spirit (TS) usually appears at the top right when we do the Management Squad, displayed in the form of numbers or numbers with a maximum number of 99.

What is the function of Team Spirit?

The function of this feature is to see how compatible your team is. The higher the number, the more harmonious the style of play. The calculation of spirit numbers is determined by each player in the main squad. You can see how big the player’s spirit is through the Management Squad. The lower the red, the higher the spirit.
High Team Spirit can also make your game easier because players become more “creative” in positioning the body. The attackers will immediately run to an empty place without guard to get the ball hull, then can freely run to the front of the goalkeeper and score.
As for the defender, they can quickly carry out tackles or interception when the enemy is close to the penalty box. Defenders can also quickly come to their friends who are having trouble in the back due to pressure from the opposing striker.
So, the higher the team spirit, the better your team playing style will be.

How do you increase Team Spirit?

There are several ways you need to Increase team spirit:
How to Increase Team Spirit in PES 1
1. Always play the same player
In essence, the more often you play the player, the more TS will increase. This is because these players are increasingly accustomed to the style of team play so that they have been adapted.
2. Carry out a rotation system for reserve squad players
The player’s rotation is quite important, because there are times when you can’t play one of your main squad players, whether it’s suspended or something else. Well at this time you need to enter a squad reserve player. Or you can also play “second tier” when fighting a relatively easy team.
If you rarely play second tier players, team spirit will decrease when you enter them into the main squad.
3. Position the player in his favorite place
The last thing is you have to position the player according to his preferences. For example Messi, he is a winger on the right, so you have to position it in the right winger so that his performance is maximum because he is used to playing in the area.
Don’t put Defender or back on the front, because it can reduce your team spirit and the team’s performance will not be optimal.