How to Play Werewolf In Hago

How to Play Werewolf In Hago – Hago is an application in which there is a set of games, this application is made by Neotask Inc. was established in November 2009, with the main idea in “Making Fun“.
Their mission of strategy makes entertainment better. The game in Hago that I often play is Sheep fighting, until finally, I make a Trick to Play Sheep.
How to Play Werewolf In Hago 1
Another game that is no less exciting is Werewolf, this game is played by 7 people with various roles from becoming Citizens, Forwarders, Guards, to Werewolf. Which is the main attraction of this game we can discuss with each other to win the game.
The Hago application is very popular if you don’t have it you can get it by downloading it via the Play Store. Then after being installed, you can create an account using a telephone number or login using existing social media such as Facebook.
How to play the Werewolf game itself actually already exists in the help menu on the Hago application, but not all know it. I once invited a friend who did not understand how to play this game, after which he said the game was weird. But after knowing how to play and addicted to the game until now.

Werewolf Game Winning Terms

This game is played by seven people and divided into 2 good teams and evil teams, a good team of 5 people while the 2 people are a bad team (as a werewolf).
1. Good Win Team
The good team wins if all the evil teams die
2. Evil Team Wins
The evil team wins if the amount remaining on the good team is as much as the number of remaining Werewolves.

Play Instructions

Before playing we will be given their respective roles, the role is chosen randomly by the computer, the following is the explanation.
1. Werewolf
As quiet as night came the werewolf conspired to choose one person to be killed, and remember the werewolf could not kill himself.
2. Clairvoyant
The nightfall arrives at the sight of 1 person, but only knows the good team or werewolf.
3. Guard
Choose 1 person to be protected every night, including protecting yourself, then the player who has been protected cannot be killed by the Werewolf.
4. Citizens / People
Only ordinary people, do not have special skills. But it must help the good team to find Werewolf so that a good team can win the game.

How to play

At night some roles will take action except Citizens, for example, the Werewolf will choose one person to kill, the viewer can check the role of 1 person, and the guard can choose themselves to be protected or others.
Then in the morning, the player must choose someone to hang, who is suspected of being a Werewolf, there are 4 sessions:
  1. Discuss who the Werewolf is: the players discuss to find out who the werewolf is or who is suspicious. During the discussion session, the role of Seer needs to give clues so that the good team can find Werewolf and not vote wrongly.
  2. Vote for who is a suspect werewolf: players will vote by choose 1 person to hang.
  3. Players who have been suspended have the opportunity to defend themselves.
  4. Final determination for players who vote to be hanged or not.