How to Play Granny Game (Guide, Tips and Trick)

How to Play Granny Game (Guide, Tips and Trick) 1
How to Play Granny Game (Guide, Tips and Trick) – Granny is the most popular Horror game on iOS and Android. This Horror game provides a mission or assignment on how we can get out of a haunted old house. The house is inhabited by a grandmother called Granny.
This Granny Horror game is quite simple and quite complicated. We have to find items such as cutting pliers or keys to open something like a door. Every room has different objects. Granny has a good hearing, this will make it difficult for players to move freely because if we drop Granny objects will come to catch.
Quite a lot of players have trouble winning this game. But don’t worry, this article discusses and provides tips and tricks that you can try to win the Granny Horror game. How to win the Granny Horror game?

1. Mastered control and road.

First master control and the way, because if we have mastered this it will be very easy to run and look for items that are needed. Also, understand the distance between objects that can be taken, usually objects that can be taken will have a drop display.
Beware of objects that can fall like flower vases on the table, decorative lights, and photo frames on the wall. If these items fall, they will vote.

2. Find important items.

This Granny Horror game makes us think about how we can get out of the house. There is only one exit in the front center room and a way to open the door with only a few keys and a code. This will complicate the player.
There are several rooms that must be explored to get important items. The lower part has a basement, the middle is the middle room, the basement, and the attic. Every room has different items.
Here is a list of important items in Granny Game:
  • Padlock (blue).
  • Master key (red).
  • Car key (yellow).
  • Playhouse key.
  • Golden key.
  • Key weapon.
  • Hammer.
  • Cutting pliers.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Paper containing an alarm code.
  • And weapons.
These items are hidden randomly in each room. We can check in each room to look for these items.
Tips and Tricks Granny horror game. After understanding the location of these objects, we can use them in the following order:
  • Look for cutting pliers to deactivate the door alarm, both lights will turn green.
  • Use cutting pliers to cut the circuit box in the basement and cut the fan cable there.
  • Look for the blue padlock to use at the front door.
  • Use a hammer to break the wood at the front door.
  • Use gears on the playhouse engine.
  • Use the winch handle to raise the bucket, and the key will be found.
  • Use an alarm code or a small yellow paper to unlock the front door.
  • The top of the shelf has a screwdriver.
  • Use the shotgun to drop the screwdriver.
  • Open the lock downstairs using the safe button.
  • There will be a red key to open the last padlock.