How to Make Drop Weapon Glow in CSGO

How to Make a Drop Weapon Glow in Counter Strike Global Effensive (CSGO) – Counter Strike, this legendary game is indeed never finished to be discussed. From the old version 1.6 to the current version of Global Offensive it’s equally exciting and there is always something new to do when playing this game.
One example is we can make weapons that drop on dropped weapons to glow or English glowing. For examples of sightings please see the picture below:
How to Make Drop Weapon Glow in CSGO 1
There are several advantages that you will get from using this special trick, which is that you can more easily see where the drop weapon is to be taken and this glowing effect through the wall, so you can see that there are weapons behind the wall.

How to Drop a Gun in Counter Strike: Global Offensive Becomes Glow

  • First, please open the directory where CSGO is installed first. Usually on Disk C
  • Then, open the folder called “csgo
  • Open the folder again called cfg
  • Now in this folder there are lots of CFG files for various gamemodes. Please choose one of the gamemodes.
How to Make Drop Weapon Glow in CSGO 2
  • Here I select gamemode_competitive. Open the CFG file using notepad.
  • Then, scroll down or look for the words mp_weapons_glow_on_ground
  • Look at the value section. If it says 0, change to 1. 
  • Save the file and try playing

You can do this method on all gamemode in CSGO, such as Armsrace, Casual, Competitive, Custom, Deathmatch, Demolotion, even in Training. Even though it applies to all gamemodes, this method does not apply if you play online on the server, because it can only apply when playing offline against BOT. Good luck!