How to Join Arena Fight in MarketGlory

How to Join Arena Fight in MarketGlory (To get Money) – In the previous article, it was explained about what is arena fight, so this time it will explain how to join the arena fight.
The question about arena fight is the local arena and global arena because of the chance to get euros if you win every round. The following steps follow the arena fight:
How to Join Arena Fight in MarketGlory 1

FIRST STAGE, prepare:

  • Minimum energy of 5 points
  • Weapon attack-type of at least 1 type (LQ / normal / HQ)
  • Weapon defense type must be at least 1 type (LQ / normal / HQ)
  • To get 5 points of energy, you can buy dairy/milk (HQ) or cuisine (HQ) at the local market. It can also buy wine that will provide 20 energy.
To get weapons, you can buy them at the local market “weapons”. Defense type weapons are more expensive than attack types. If you have minimal capital, you can buy attack type weapons (LQ) and defense types (LQ), and those who have enough capital can buy attack type weapons (HQ) and
defense types (LQ).

SECOND STAGE, prepare:

  • 9 Macro Attack (how to make it can click here: Macro Attack)
  • 9 Macro Defense (how to make it can click here: Macro Defense)

THIRD STAGE, prepare:

Point Arena is at least 3 (recommended 5), the method can be seen here.


if it has been prepared from the first to the third stage then just set the strategy, because:
1. Both the local arena and global arena, the match will be done automatically by the system.
  • The local arena starts at 14.00 server time.
  • The global arena starts at 09.00 server time.
2. The global arena is automatically followed by players who win up to 4 rounds at the local arena.
3. Players should buy milk/cuisine/wine (energy booster) and weapons before this hour.
4. For players who already have energy above 5 and weapons should not do a referral fight (RF), because it will reduce the energy and use of weapons for each fight.
5. In the arena each round = 12 hits, it means attack 6 times (hit) and defense 6 times (hit). So it will reduce 6x the use of attack type weapons and reduce 6x the use of defense type weapons.
  • Weapons with low quality (LQ) have 5x the usage
  • Weapons with normal quality (MQ) have 15x usage
  • High-quality weapons (HQ) have 25x usage
6. Because in the arena of competition depends on luck and strategy, then the profit and loss is taken into account again because even though there are many HQ quality weapons, it is not certain that they will continue to win. Even so, the chances of winning can be greater than low-type weapons.
7. Arena bonuses are distributed at 05.00 server time or 09.00 WIB.
8. Arena bonuses are distributed according to the win each round.
9. Work can be done after completing the arena fight.
The thing to remember is, before taking part in the calculation of profit and loss to join the arena because if you win again will get the euro but if you lose again there will not be a small loss.

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