How to Install Multiple BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on iPhone

Many iPhone users might send how to use the BlackBerry Application on their smartphone. Many that cannot be used on an iPhone are not like other Android phones, the iPhone does not give permission to use Open Source applications.
How to Install Multiple BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on iPhone 1
With that many questions is it possible for the iPhone to use multiple BlackBerry Application applications together on one handphone ?? The answer is possible, even more than 2 BBM applications.

How to Install 2 BBM Applications on an iPhone

  1. Open the second BBM link ( using the browser on your iPhone.
  2. Please click on the green image under ACON BBM
  3. Then if the download has finished entering the BB ID that will be used, click “Register a New Bid Account
  4. Jagan, first open the BBM application that you already know
  5. Before opening, go to the Application menu – Settings – General – Profile
  6. Then Tap the Profile “AN NINH TECHNOLOGY LIMITED
  7. Click Trust or Trust in Pop Up
  8. And finally the second BBM application, ready to use, if you want to install the application to 3 or above.

Note: “The more applications you will use, the slower the performance of your iPhone will be, the more you will take into account before doing it”