How To Increase the Potential of Equipment in Pirate King Online

How To Add Potential Equipment in Pirate King Online – To increase equipment potential, we can use Black Smith. The function of Black Smith is to increase the potential of our equipment or items in the Pirate King. 
To do Black Smith, we must use grade 4 items (yellow items) or higher. There are 3 Types of Black Smith namely:

1. Random add

Filling our equality with potential randomly. for example from physical attack 44 to magical defense 35, not certain. we only need to click on the item then click add (the cost can be berries and gold depending on grade and item level). if we like the changes, please click REPLACE but if the potential decreases, you should not need to click replace.

2. Direct Add

Direct add is to add (or reduce) the potential of the item directly, so, for example, the one that is added is paid or not, then the one that increases or decreases remains to pay or doesn’t change.
How To Increase the Potential of Equipment in Pirate King Online 1

3. Transfer

I haven’t arrived here yet, and only grade 4 items aren’t enough, hehe. but as far as the author captures, the purpose of this transfer is a kind of transfer of potential from an item to a new item. can use gold or with certain stones.


hopefully these tips help. if you have other ways to increase defense, you can comment in the comments column: D