How to Get Service Medal CSGO quickly

How to Get Service Medal CSGO quickly – At thi time we will tell you about how to get the Steam Service Service Medal in the CSGO version quickly, complete with a discussion of what it meant, the image form, to the ranking system. Immediately listened to the following article.
I am sure that most of you who like games with FPS must have known Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Yes, the game that is more often abbreviated as CSGO already has many fans, even every hour there are thousands of people playing. This game is already legendary, because from previous versions like CS 1.6 and CS CZ, CS games are always a lot of devotees.
The thing that makes CSGO more desirable than the previous CS version is because the rank and profile structure is arranged quite neatly, both from system rank, trade skin weapons, achievements, to various kinds of medals that can be obtained. One of the most sought medals is the Service Medal.

What is a Service Medal?

Service Medal is a medal given to someone who has reached a level 40 Profile Rank. For those who do not understand or do not know about the Profile Rank system in CSGO.
Usually the Service Medal appears on the left side of the player column (when you press the TAB key while playing), shaped like a gold medal. You can also find it in the Inventory or under the name of the CSGO account.

How does it work?

So, after you reach the rank of 40 (Global General), you will get a Service Medal according to the year when you got it, for example if you get it in 2018, then the name becomes Service Medal 2018. After getting this medal, your Profile Rank will go down back to level 1.
After you return to rank 1 and raise it to rank 40 again, you will not get another medal unless you rise to rank 40 again in a different year, for example in 2019. If you increase to 40 in the same year (2018) , then your Service Medal is still only 1, but the color changes. Here’s a list of colors:
How to Get Service Medal CSGO quickly 1
Can be seen, there are 6 kinds of colors, namely:
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Dark blue
  • Dark Purple
  • Light Purple
  • Red
If in one year you only get a 1x Service Medal, your medal will be gray. And so on, if it’s 2x, it’s green, 3x dark blue, 4x dark purple, etc.
Still having trouble digesting my intentions?
For example, in 2018 for the first time you have reached a Rank 40 Rank, your rank will return to rank 1, and you will get a gray 2018 Service Medal. If in 2018 you also reach 40 Profile Rank for the second time.
You will not get an additional Service Medal, but the 2018 Service Medal which will be changed to Green. You will only get an additional Service Medal if you reach 40 more in the next year, for example 2019, 2020, 2021, etc.

How to quickly get a service medal?

As I said in the definition above, you must have a level 40 Profile Rank to get it. However, there are a number of tips that you must do in order to quickly rise in Rank and get a Service Medal, among others, I summarize as follows:
  • Reduce Casual play
  • Always playing Competitive
  • Try to win in each match
  • Expand to do kill, assist, and MVP
  • always playing …
Why do I advise you to play in Competitive versus Casual game modes? Because Compe gives XP prizes that are quite large, even far more than Casual. XP itself is used to increase Rank quickly.