How To Get Hidden Achievement in Pirate King Online

How To Get Hidden Achievement in Pirate King Online 1
How To Get Hidden Achievement in Pirate King Online – Achievement is the fugitive price of our character. The higher the price of the fugitive, the higher the Grade Star of our character.
There are various kinds of Achievements that we can complete to get Fugitive Prices … Where 1 Point = 10,000 Berry. Here I am not discussing other achievements, but what I discuss is Hidden Achievement.
Where Achievement does not have clues and is only obtained without on purpose.

1. hidden achievement

For those who get Hidden Achievement Besides what I share here, please add and provide information as clearly as possible.
  1. This is called assassination! : “Opponent Kuro in Syrup Village Lose 1 Time.”
  2. The body is a Block! : “Opponent Man Demon Gin at the Baratie Lost 1 Time.”
  3. Curse of the Golden Flower ” Opponent Don Krieg at the Baratie Lost 1 Time. “
  4. Mohmoo is really cool! : “The Moo Opponent at Kokoyashi Village Lose 1 Time.”
  5. Takoyaki: “The Hatchan opponent at Kokoyashi Village loses 2 times.”
  6. Can I say dirty words: “Arlong opponents at Kokoyashi Village lose 3 times.”
  7. Good slip, thrilled! : “Alvida’s opponent in Logue Town loses 3 times.”
  8. Zoro, Stop! : “Opponent Tashigi in Logue Town Lose 3 Times.”
  9. Hit a fly! : “Opponent Laboon at Reverse Mountain Lose 1 Time.”
  10. Clean the smart … Also hung up! : “Opponent Mr. 5 on [Hidden] Peak Whiskey Lost 3 Times.”
  11. Green ghost wrath! : “The Dorry Opponents in Little Garden Lose 1 Time.”
  12. Red ghost battle! : “Broggy’s opponent at Little Garden Lose 1 Time.”
  13. Candles dolls: “Mr. opponent 3 in Little Garden Losing 3 Times. “
  14. A terrifying flow: “Wapol’s opponent at Drum Island loses 10 times.”
  15. Brothers, I beg you to let me: “Opponents Smoker in the Nanohana Desert Lose 5 Times.”
  16. Goddess, ah, I’ll give you knelt down...: “Opponent Nico Robin at Casino Rainbase loses 3 times.”
  17. I Hate Okama! : “Mr. opponent 2 in Alurbana Lost 3 Times. “
  18. Get Ready: “Mr. opponent 1 in Alurbana Lost 3 Times. “
  19. Damn ……: “Opposing Crocodile at the Royal Palace Lose 20 Times.”
  20. Shandia Prince: “Against the Wiper at Angel Island Lost 3 times.”
  21. Heaven Fury: “The High Priest Shura’s opponent at God Casey Altar Lose 3 Times.”
  22. Playing with balls: “High Priest Satori’s opponents in the Trial of the Ball Lose 3 Times.”
  23. Survival rate of 0%: “High Priest Ohm opponents at the Giant Bean Vine Lost 3 Times.”
  24. God, I let slip! : “The opponent of God Enel at the Golden Bell Lose 20 Times.”
  25. Fish bait! : “Jonathan’s opponent at G8 Fortress lost 10 times.”
  26. Sigh! What a pain! : “Porche’s opponent in the Long Ring Long Land loses 10 times”
  27. Very slow! : “Foxy’s opponents in the Long Ring Long Land Lose 20 Times.”
  28. To save life, Exhibitionism! : “Opponent Franky in the Franky Family Lose 20 Times.”
  29. Wrapped around the rope: “Pauly’s opponent at No. 1 Dock Lost 20 times
  30. Goddess, this time I get on the ground …: “Oppose Nico Robin on Iceberg’s Night Fight Losing 20 times”
  31. Behind door: “The Opposition of Blueno in the Sea Train Is Lost 20 Times.”
  32. Magical ability: “The opponent of Baskerville in Upper Enies Lobby Lose 20 Times.”
  33. Doors everywhere: “The Blueno Enies Lobby Lower Lower 50 Times.”
  34. Grandma Wolf: “The opponent of Jabura in the Upper Justice Tower is 36 times.”
  35. There is no dead end: “My opponent in the Justice Tower is Lower 49 Times.”
  36. Six king gun! : Lucci’s opponent in the Door of Justice Lose 64 Times. “
  37. Phoenix chains: “Fight Puzzle at the Mystery Ship 21 times.”
  38. Two places at once: “Opponents of Campachino in Ice Road Lost 24 Times.”
  39. Brotherhood! : “Fight Campachino in Lovely Land Lost 26 times”
  40. Heat Unlimited: “Don Accino’s opponent at Accino Castle loses 29 times”
  41. Bat night raid: “Opponents of the Hildon at the Three Haunted Ship Lost 20 Times.”
  42. Blame doctors: “Opposing the Hogback at Hogback Castle is 30 times lost.”
  43. Marry me! : “Opponent Laura at Perona Courtyard Lost 40 Times.”
  44. Three small nasal song arrow tail chop: Opponent Ryuma at Armageddon Ryuma loses 51 times. “
  45. Oz, Round and Round! : “Oz’s Opposition at Giant Oz Is Lost 36 Times.”
  46. Chikage! : “Moria’s opponents at Gecko Moria Lost 48 Times.”
  47. Hot Spring Energy Canon! : “Kitaro’s opponent in Hot Spring is lost 20 times.”
  48. Was Caught! : “Opponents of Macros at the Flying Fish Lose 30 Times.”
  49. New Stuff: “Opposing Bide in Sabaody Island Lose 50 Times.”
  50. Slave collar! : “Opponents of Disco in Auction Battle Lose 50 Times.”
  51. Hehe, you came for me: “Denon Navy Elite opponents in Fled Auction Lose 50 Times.”