How to Get Grade A Costume From Costume Unification

How to get grade A costume from costume unification – Costume is one of the ways to increase Battle Point (BP) in Dragon Nest Mobile, and the most important thing is change the character’s appearance to be more interesting! Luckily.
Dragon Nest Mobile does not require you top-up to get grade A costumes, you can make it in Combine Costume, the other words that is FREE.
For now, I doesn’t know how to get 100% chance using Combine Costume but for the future, it might be possible to share that trick. If you have a better trick, you can share your experience in comment box 🙂

1. Buy the costume from the cheapest

The way to increase Battle Point (BP) through costume is to make the costume from the cheapest price. Why? Because bonus stats are based on how many sets have been collected.
How to Get Grade A Costume From Costume Unification 1

2. Focus For One Section.

After understanding the importance of starting from the cheapest, then just focus on one section. Yep, focus! Because every Costume Unification fails, there will be an additional of 1% for each failure. The initial percentage is 15% after 10x fails, the percentage will increase to 15% + 10%.
How to Get Grade A Costume From Costume Unification 2

3. Last One

The free player on Dragon Nest M is indeed slow to grow compared to rich player, but that does not mean the free player cannot match the rich people because Dragon Nest M itself provides features like this (Unification of Costumes) and Fair Play mode where BP is at all no effect, which means pure Skill from yourself. For 100% success, i have not the tricks 🙁