How to Find Our Ranking in PUBG Mobile

How to Find our Ranking in PUBG Mobile – PUBG Mobile provides a very varied page rank feature, not only races on top local and global top, but you can also see rankings based on:
  1. Top Rank based on Server
  2. Top Rank based on the achievement of titles such as Terminator, Berserker, Gunslinger, Grenadier, etc.
  3. Top Rank Friend
  4. Top Rank Solo, Duo, and Squad

How to Know Our Ranking on PUBG Mobile

Okay… Below is how to see the top local and top global rankings at PUBG Mobile.
# 1. When you just enter PUBG Mobile / in the lobby, pay attention to the “chart icon” on the bottom side of the screen.
# 2. There have 2 large menus will appear, namely Region and Rankings.
# 3. If you want to see the ranking of categories and titles in detail based on region/country, please select the region.
# 4. However, if you want to see the overall rankings based on the value (server), then you select rankings.
How to Find Our Ranking in PUBG Mobile 1
# 5. In the Region menu, you will be immediately presented with the Solo Top Rank for the PUBG Mobile Region Server.
How to Find Our Ranking in PUBG Mobile 2
# 6. If you want to see other aspects, please tap the picture of the big medal in the top left corner.
# 7. After that, you are free to choose the Solo, Duo, Squad or based on titles such as Headshot, Scavenger, Terminator, etc.
How to Find Our Ranking in PUBG Mobile 3
# 8. Then what rating are I, bro, why isn’t there? You don’t need to worry about that, because I myself don’t (maybe haven’t) got a place in Top Local, especially in Top Global.


How to Find Our Ranking in PUBG Mobile 4
On this list of Top Friends PUBG Mobile Ranking tables, your ranking will definitely be listed there based on competition ranking among fellow friends in the PUBG Mobile game.