How to Curved Kick in PES 2018

How to Curved Kick in PES 2018 – There are lots of new things to try in the soccer game. Just for information, PES 2018 on the online market around 799 thousand buyers. Is that expensive too? Well, before you “jump into the gridiron” we prepare first how to do free kicks and curling pleasure kicks at PES 2018. Where free kicks are crucial times to score goals.
Feature Surgery Latest Features PES 2018, you can see the video below when a free kick occurs dipping and Banana Kick and immediately Gooool !!!
For the technique of doing free kicks in PES 2018, there are at least 6 effective ways. That is:
How to Curved Kick in PES 2018 1

1. Kick Passing Over the Head of the Opposing Player Fence

To get past the heads of the fence players, aim the ball at the farthest corner from the goalkeeper. Then press the box then aim the ball target. Release the kick after the power bar shows a 50% -60% lift.

2. Side Kick Opposing Players Opponent

The ball is directed to the goal area that is closest to the executor. Press the box to 30% -50% power bar while aiming the ball at the target. Once the kick is released then the ball will curve towards the corner of the goal.

3. Fundamental Kick Under the Fence of Opposing Players

To keep the fundamental ball down, aim it at the corner of the goal. Next, with as little as possible press the box.

4. Ronaldo’s Knuckleball kick

To execute a free kick with the style of Ronaldo the ball is directed to the corner of the opponent’s goal. Then press until around 50% -90% power bar. Pay attention, when our players will kick, press the box again.

5. Kick Using Two Players

Press L1 and point up. Then the player who will take the free-kick will be 2 people. Then press the box to kick, keep the power of the power bar at 50% -60%, while aiming the ball at the opponent’s goal.

6. Kick Trick With 2 Players

Press L1 and point up. Then the executor becomes two people. Press L2 and the box, then press x as soon as possible. When the kick presses the box and aims the ball with 50% -60% power bar.

How to do the Curved Plating Kick at PES 2018

The matter of doing curved kicks if you already know the tricks actually very easy. The following are the steps.
  • The first step is to prepare a good-skilled player, especially in power and above-average shot accuracy. For example Ronaldo, Beckham, Neymar, Lampard or others.
  • The second step, position your mainstay players in the position of the foot with power according to the type with the direction of the ball sideways.
  • The third step, set the direction of the ball to the opponent’s goal with a little sideways, so the ball will be like away but still targeting the goal. The ideal distance for curling is 20 minutes. More than that, extra focus is needed to succeed.
  • Next, the step to do a curved kick is to press the front and left or right when going off. Then press the box, but with the strength of half a bar. Avoid pressing the box too much because the accuracy of the ball will be reduced. When the distance between the player’s foot and the ball approaches the shooting, press R2 and hold it until the ball goes to the goal. In this way, if the application is correct it will produce a curved shot. As if to stay away but turned into the opponent’s goal.