How to Create UZI SMG Weapons on LifeAfter

How to Create UZI SMG Weapons on LifeAfter – A long-range weapon that you can make at the beginning of the game is the Mondragon Rifle. The advantage of this weapon is that it has a wide range of shots, but behind that advantages, there are still striking deficiencies, namely this weapon has a fairly low attack power.
How to Create UZI SMG Weapons on LifeAfter 1
After you have almost completed all the newbie quests available, you can usually make a weapon that is better than the Mondragon Rifle, the weapon in question is UZI SMG. The difference in Attack Power of the two weapons is very different, UZI has attack power up to 35.0, while for Mondragon it only has 27.0 attack power.
After your crafting, the level of skill will increase, there will be even more powerful weapons that you can make. Like Sniper, Mosin-Nagant SR, M24, UMP9, Thompson SMG, MP5 SMG, AR, Remington, and M870.
For how to get the recipe from the weapon above is to combine the shard in the formula research (R&D) facility. This tool can generate weapons, armor and building recipes at random.
In this case, to be able to make weapons and armor obtained, the mastery skill level for each profession must be fulfilled. In this article, We will give tips on How to Make and Get UZI SMG Weapons on LifeAfter. Terms and How to Make UZI SMG Weapons

Materials needed

  • 10 Hexagon Nail
  • 10 Iron Casting (can be painted on weapons/armor)
  • 20 claws that you can get from mobs drop, or you can buy from markets in the city.

How to Make Hexagon Nail Material

As I said earlier, Hexagon Nail is a material that can be used to make UZI SMG weapons in this game. You will not get this item as easily as getting stone or wood. That’s because this material is an ingredient that can only be made from Pig iron (made from Iron Ore and Twig obtained by cutting down trees), Hardwood Vine, and Bones.

Tip: To get hardwood easily is to cut down trees in Autumn Forest (Charlestown server) when it rains. Bones can be obtained from looting mobs.


How to make an iron casting material

To make an Iron Casting you need Tin Ore, Iron Ore, and Wood Core. You can easily find iron ore in the Autumn Forest map (Charles city server) by destroying a boulder with a pickaxe. Tin Ore can sometimes be obtained from chunks of stone too, but in the sandcastle map, there is quite a lot of tin ore. Wood Core is obtained from cutting down trees in the Sandcastle Map.
The three materials above are categorized as secondary resources, so you might not find it with just one hit, for example, iron ore obtained from chunks of stone, not always in every hit will produce iron ore. I strongly recommend using the power-hit feature. There is a small icon near the tool icon that you can tap and hold then release to give a full blow to a tree or rock.

How to get Claw Ingredients

Claw is an ingredient in making UZI weapons that can be obtained by killing an animal or zombie in a Sandcastle or Charles Town map. To go to that place I suggest you make a team, at this time your character is still relatively weak when compared to the mobs in this map. The mobs level on this map is at least level 13.