How to Change Steam Status to Online, Away, and Offline

How to Change Steam Status to Online, Away, and Offline – Do you often see your friends ‘Away’? Then confused what it means and how to make it like that too? Take it easy, this time we wants to make a tutorial on how to change the status on your Steam account to Online, Away, Invisible, or Offline. Just listen carefully to the following article …
Steam, who is not familiar with this one application? I am sure all gamers must know him well or even have an account. Steam is a container to accommodate the games that the developer wants to sell as well as social media for gamers.
You can buy various kinds of games, trade or buy and sell with other players, make badges, set personal profiles, chat with friends, and there are many other things you can do there. In fact, sometimes there is an event sale like the one that will be started in the near future like Winter Sale, where there are lots of games that are discounted at a price of up to 50%.
Earlier I said that you can chat with friends and Steam is a “social media for gamers”. Yes, that is true, you can create status, post a screenshot, make a video, add new friends, see friend status, even chat with friends, provided your account is not Limited.
You can also see the status of friends, whether he is active, offline, AFK, or playing a game. Usually marked with the words Online, Away, In-Game, or Offline. If you are new to Steam, it must be a bit confusing not with these terms? If so, please first see the meaning below:
  • Online: Open a Steam account
  • Offline: Not online
  • Away: AFK / online on Steam, but temporarily leaving the laptop and PC
  • In-Game: Playing a game
  • Invisible: Online but looks offline and can still chat
How to Change Status on Steam Become Online, Offline, Away, In-Game, and Invisible
Now, how do you make your Steam account have the above statuses? Apparently there are two ways you can do, including the following.

1. First way: Friends and Chat tab

  • First, please open the Steam application first
  • Look in the lower right corner, click on “Friends and chat”
  • Tab Friends and Chat
  • Then you will be taken to a new window
  • Click the down arrow to the right of your name, then select one of the statuses you want
  • Finish …

2. Second Way: Friends Tab

  • Still the same, please login and open the Steam account first
  • Look at the top left corner menu, click on the Friends posts tab
  • Choose one of the statuses that you want to appear on your profile
  • Finish …
How? It’s easy, isn’t it? I often use the Away status when downloading games, Online and  wanna play, or Invisible to focus on looking at the market and the Community so that I don’t chat with friends. Thus Saladinez’s article entitled How to Change Steam Status to Online, Away, Invisible, and Offline, hopefully useful.