How To Boost Level in Dragon Nest Mobile

How To Boost Level in Dragon Nest Mobile 1
How To Boost Level in Dragon Nest Mobile – To open a new dungeon, new skills, or access the features available on Dragon Nest M, required to have high level to be able to access them. Then how to quickly increase the level at Dragon Nest M?

1. Follow the Main Story (Main Quest)

The key to raising the level continues to follow Main Quest. Beside that, Main Quest also has an interesting story. Although the pronunciation of the dialogue still has Korean language, at least the dialogue text has been translated into various languages.

2. Abyss Dungeon

By completing the Abyss Dungeon, players will get 1500 EXP. The Abyss Dungeon normally can only be completed as much as 6 times. If you buy the chance using Dragon Coin player, you can complete abyss at least 8 times.
Especially, the privileges of the players who bought it, they can access more of the abyss dungeon.

3. Raid or Sweep

Raid or sweep can be done for dungeons that have previously been completed before, either normal dungeons or abyss of dungeons (abyss need a ticket). Raid or sweep can save your time, but if the player has to repeat against the same enemy, they can feel bored to attack again.
I suggest using energy before sleep to raid or sweep, leave around 40 or 50 energy and adjust how long you sleep so the energy is not full.