How To Activate Night Mode in PUBG Mobile

How To Activate Night Mode in PUBG Mobile 1
How To Activate Night Mode in PUBG Mobile – PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battleground is one of the most popular games in the world thanks to the theme of the battle roya that it carries.  Now, mobile players can already feel the excitement of playing this game because of the presence of PUBG Mobile.
Since the mobile version was released, PUBGM has added many updates. After adding the Sanhok folder, PUBG Mobile now adds night mode so the game is more challenging and fun.
The addition of night mode coincides with Halloween celebrations. This patch 0.9.0 update shows Halloween themes, ranging from the lobby background to some interesting Halloween-themed events. Among the changes and improvements, version 0.9.0 has brought the most changes. The most interesting thing about this update is the night theme. The presence of night mode is certainly a challenge for the players.

How do you activate night mode on PUBG Mobile?

Please see the full review on how to activate the night mode at PUBGM below:
  • On the front page of the PUBG Mobile game select Select mode under the START button.
  • Select the point of view that you want the TPP (Third-Person Perspective) or FPP (First-Person Perspective).
  • Select the Classic model (required)
  • Select Map Erangle (required).
  • Select the number of teams, click OK and start playing.
  • Enable PUBG night mode
For information, based on the historical note on patch 0.9.0 update, it is mentioned that the night mode can only be active in Erangle Map. Classic mode will be obtained randomly, so there are no special settings to get this mode.
But you don’t need to worry because tonight’s mode is released to coincide with Halloween celebrations, so you have a 50 percent chance to be able to feel the night mode at PUBG Mobile.