Helcurt Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Helcurt Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – In this tutorial hero, we will learn how to play using Helcurt. This assassin includes an early game hero that is very dangerous because of the huge burst of damage like Gusion. It can provide damage and the most terrifying is ultimate skill that can blind all enemy teams. He
lcurt Best Build
A common mistake that I often find in the Helcurt player is that they consider this hero like a strong close combat hero. Helcurt is very soft and easy to die especially in the late game. Helcurt Best Build
If the opponent is a fighter/assassin like Karina / Natalia, we will lose (assuming the level and gold are the same). Okay, we will start the tips of this one hero starting from the advantages and disadvantages. Helcurt Best Build
Helcurt Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Helcurt’s advantages:

  • Very OP at the beginning of the game, Haelcurt skill 2 in the early game is very beneficial to quickly farm and kill opponents. You can steal enemy jungle if there is a chance and push the tower as fast as possible. By playing aggressively from the start we will be far superior in terms of exp (level) and gold (items), this will greatly affect the team’s because if we succeed in pushing and pressing the enemy continuously, the enemy will not have the chance to come back at all.
  • Full map team support, Helcurt ultimate skill can make all enemy teams lose sight of the moment around it (including blind map), this skill is great for picking up opponents and also when running away. We can also help friends in another lane to escape, check the situation on the map before because Helcurt ultimate skill is versatile to support our team in 1 map area.
  • The best hero silence and snatcher, so far the champion in the matter of scabbing and snatching is Natalia because it can disappear and appear suddenly and then give silence to the enemy and kill it instantly, but now there is Helcurt who is equally great in snatching matters, especially he has better silence skills so it is very suitable to turn off enemy skill combinations, especially heroes who are very dependent on skills.
  • The movement skill is quite good, the skill 1 is very useful for making sudden attacks (surprise attack + silence), then skill 3 also provides a bonus movement speed which is great for helping him chase and escape from the opponent’s gank.

Deficiency of Helcurt:

  • Very soft and vulnerable at the end of the game, Helcurt is very strong in the early game but instead he becomes very weak and vulnerable at the end of the game, he can be instantly killed by fighters/marksman (late game) with only a few basic attacks hits, he is also very Weak against one-shot mage burst damage like Harley / Eudora. We must be extra careful in playing this hero in the late game phase.
  • Simply relying on the team, when using the ultimate enemy, you can still see the hero/monster nearby, if you are approaching even if you use the ultimate skill then the opposing team will still be able to strike back. Especially when team fight, it can only silence 1 target and we should wait for the cooldown, so actually this hero is more like an assassin support whose job is to silence skill heroes such as assassin/mage and give the effect of darkness (blinding the opposing team) to give our team an edge in war.
  • Very weak against fighters/marksman (especially late games), the main disadvantage of Helcurt is that he cannot silence a hero who does not depend too much on skills, these heroes are usually fighter and marksman who rely on the basic attack in attack so that the silence effect has no effect on them. Therefore, you should avoid clash one by one with ADC heroes, especially fighter bursts damage like Zilong and Roger. We can outperform marksman in the early until mid-game, but if it’s late-game MM can be superior because of tugging and just need a few hits to kill Helcurt at the end of the game.

Helcurt item build tips:

Helcurt Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Helcurt build items are same as with Natalia build. The items used are the same as a marksman build, so you are free to try variate of the items. I personally prefer to use the first or second-line builds.
  • I prefer to focus on attack speed so that the stack skill 2 effect can be maximal faster (4x) and we can quickly kill the enemy.
  • Line 1 (7 Seals Blade) is used if on the opposing team there are much enemies with thick blood (MM, Mage), high defense heroes (tankers), and a hard fighter.
  • Line 2 (Deadly Blade) is used if there are lots of healers and manifesters on opposing teams like Rafaela, Estes, Alucard, Fanny, etc.
  • we can use Line 3 build if on the opposing team there are 2 or more mage / magic damager, with Rose Gold Meteor we have at least a better defense and can still deal high damage.
The most suitable battle spell for the Helcurt is Retribution and Petrify.
  • Use Retribution for kill monsters, this spell is very helpful so we can be superior faster and higher level. It recommended for those of you who want to play hardcore from the early game.
  • Use Petrify for extra crowd control, use this spell if we want to play teamwork and support. Petrify is very useful when we use ultimate skill in war 5 vs 5, so we jump immediately in the middle of the enemy and stun the hero around, so our team will get an opportunity to finish off your opponent immediately.
For emblems, we can use Physical or Assassin emblems.

Helcurt is great for fighting the following heroes:

  • All mages and support
  • Fanny (Helcurt is one of the best counters against Fanny)
  • Gusion (Helcurt can easily break Gusion skill combinations)
  • Chou (Chou’s combination of skills easily fails because of this hero passive skill)
  • Tigreal (as well as Tigreal skill combinations)

Helcurt is very weak against the following heroes:

  • All fighter heroes
  • All marksman hero (late game)
  • Saber
  • Hayabusa
  • Natalia
  • Hylos
  • Balmond
Helcurt is very strong against dominant heroes using skills in attack, especially those who rely on combinations of skills such as Chou, Gusion and Fanny, the silence effect can easily break existing combos, but all keep returning to the player’s ability because in the hands of pro players the silence can still be overcome/tricked by timing and good cooperation.
Helcurt can also be strong against fighters/marksman as long as we farming from the beginning of the game (level and gold higher than the enemy). So you should use the push lane/turret as soon as possible, kill turtle/lord once it appears, and continues to press the enemy without giving a chance to enter the late game.

Tips, tricks and guide for Helcurt:

  • Our main focus is to kill soft heroes like mage, marksman, and assassin. In teamfight, we must focus on killing that hero first and avoid a clash with the fighter as much as possible.
  • We recommend that you use hero lock mode so you don’t attack unwanted targets, often when you attack you instead lock your opponent whose blood is less or his position is closer so you miss the target and get hit back, so don’t get the wrong target especially when your team has to set the prey and kill it as soon as possible.
  • Do not engage in the middle of the enemy. If they are not alone (there are 2 heroes or more). Actually, Helcurt is more specialized in battles 1 vs 1, this hero is very soft. Because of that, we must be vigilant and should wait for backup from our team when attacking more than one enemy.
  • Use the ultimate skill to help yourself / your friends run away from enemy ganks, you can also use it to scoop up the opposing team suddenly, and most importantly use it at important moments.
  • If you feel unsure when attacking an enemy in an empty lane don’t use skill 1 to attack, you should save the skill for an escape if suddenly his friend comes picking up us.
  • Remember Helcurt is more OP and dominant in the early-mid game, so you should play aggressively from the start and don’t let the game enter the late game phase because it is very vulnerable at the end of the game, try to team work with the team and push the tower as quickly as possible.