Midrange Hunter Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Midrange Hunter Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Mid-range Hunter is a deck that tries to control the board utilizing the synergy of Beast. One thing that makes it a little unique is that this deck controls the early game in a slightly more aggressive way by playing a small minion that is strong enough.
Mid-range Hunter decks can easily turn into decks that are far more aggressive if given space or vice versa, have limited time to win.
Journey to Un’Goro provides many beasts that Hunter can use and some important cards to deal with unfavorable match-ups. Thanks to that, even though I don’t think it’s tier 1, finally has at least one deck that’s quite solid.


Midrange Hunter Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
Unlike other Mid-range decks, Mid-range Hunter has enough game cards to compensate for other aggressive decks, as well as taking the initiative from the start. Thanks to the beast synergy that is owned, the small card that you have can then be given a buff, turning it into a solid mid-game power too.
You have four early drop that can be played, starting from Alleycat, Fiery Bat, Jeweled Macaw, and Hatchling Raptor. Then you also have a Grandmother Kindly which is quite annoying.
For mid game and late game, you have Animal Companion, Rat Pack, Infested Wolf, and Savannah Highmane. All of these cards are Beast, and you can synergize with Crackling Razormaw, Scavenging Hyena, Houndmaster, and Kill Command get more advantages on the board.

Tech Choice and Flavor Card

This deck has many tech choices and flavor cards that you can choose. On the decklist that I use next to, I use Golakka Crawlers to have a greater chance of facing the Warrior Pirate or other deck that uses the Pirate.
If you want to have a more solid mid-game, you can enter Vicious Fledgling, Terrorscale Stalker, or Tundra Rhino. If you need removal to deal with a large minion from your opponent, enter Hunter’s Mark.
Then if you need additional late games, you can enter Swamp King Dred, Leeroy Jenkins, or Call of The Wild. Then even though it is not popular, there is no harm in inserting a secret card like the Freezing Trap.
Whichever is your preferred tech card, you can just throw some early game cards to enter it.

How to play

Midrange Hunter Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
A solid early game is an important first step when using this deck. With the many small minions you have, you can do that easily. Your job is to do snowball with efficient trading and the synergy of Beast that you have.
Once you start winning, you can continue to press and start paying damage directly to your opponent. If you give enough pressure, your opponent will be forced to use removal inefficiently.
This will give you more space to play Savannah Highmane which is also very difficult to handle. Not to mention as you play the Minion, you can also produce two damage from Hero Power.
Entering the mid game, always pay attention to the total health possessed by the opponent. In this phase, you have to start taking into account what damage and turn you need to kill your opponent.
Because over time, if you waste the damage you have, you will actually lose because you don’t have many cards late game or direct damage to finish off your opponent.
Midrange Hunter Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
Knowing the timing to defeat your opponent, board control, and maximize the damage you have is the key to using this deck. Once left behind, this deck does not have many tools to do the swing tempo. So make sure you take advantage of the tempo as early as possible.