Zoo Warlock Kobolds Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Zoo Warlock Kobolds Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Every new expansion, Zoo Warlock seems to almost always have a place in Hearthstone meta-games. This also happened in the expansion of Kobolds and Catacombs.
Since the first day, Zoo already has several versions that are strong and quite solid both in the tournament or ladder.
Because it hasn’t experienced Standard rotas, not much has changed from Zoo. Indeed, there are several different flavors and versions. But almost every list uses several of the same key cards, and is reinforced with several new cards.


Zoo Warlock Kobolds Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1

Zoo has the characteristic of having many minions in the early game to take control of the board and produce damage as quickly as possible. Therefore cards like Flame Imp, Voidwalker, and Malchezaar’s Imp always get a place on this deck.
Not only that, a new card like the Kobold Librarian is also included because it provides a draw card that is very useful for Warlock who wants to continue playing something on the board.
After which one slot, Zoo has many variants in slots two, three, and four where. But in five where almost all Zoos use Cobalt Scalebane and also Doomguard. Both will provide a more significant board advantage. Then in turn 7 there is Bonemare which can be a win condition and a very efficient tempo tool.
Then like other aggressive decks and tempo based minions, Southsea Captain, Patches The Pirate, and Corridor Creeper are the three mandatory cards that you need to enter inside the deck.
Finally, because you will use quite a lot of Demon such as Doomguard and Despicable Dreadlor, you can include Bloodreaver Guldan to keep having win conditions in the late game.

Variants, Flavor, and Tech Choice

Zoo Warlock Kobolds Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
Previously, most Zoo lists had to use Prince Keleseth and instead did not use minions which cost two on the deck. Even though the list still exists and can be used, some Zoo versions start leaving Prince Keleseth and re-enter several cards where the cost is two.
There are several minions where cost two is the choice at the new Zoo. The most popular of course is Vulgar Homonculus which gives very high stats with little drawback.
Some lists also complete this slot with cards such as Dire Wolf Alpha and Demonfire. No wonder considering that besides functioning as a removal, Demonfire can function as a buff against your minions, some of which are Demon.
But for alternative buffs, there are also those who use Bloodfury Potion. No wonder the deck has quite a lot of Demon minions.
If you often face aggressive decks, you can use several taunt minions such as the Tar Creeper or Saronite Chain Gang. If you want all-in using Demon’s synergy, you can also use additional Crystalweaver. To deal with control matchup, you can use a silence effect card like Spellbreaker.


Zoo Warlock Kobolds Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
Not much has changed from the Zoo Warlock gameplay. In almost all matchups, you want to find your early game minions like Flame Imp, Malchezaar’s Imp, and Void Walker.
With the many early game minions you have, coupled with the synergy of Patches, you should be able to easily fill the board in the first three turns.
With the many minions you have in the early game, trading will definitely occur. But it allows the Creeper Corridor to come down from the hand with which the cost is quite cheap. That way you still have threats on the board in the mid game.
Entering the mid game, you want to still have minions on the board so that Bonemare has a target. At the same time you should start to consider win conditions and how you can kill your opponent. Indeed, with the presence of Bloodreaver Guldan you have a stronger potential for late game. But generally your matchup results are predetermined without this card.
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The main key to playing this deck is how fast you can release pressure in the early game. Then knowing matchup and conducting mulligan and making the right decisions based on matchup are also crucial in using this deck.
Zoo Warlock Kobolds Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 5
Facing the majority of aggro decks and tempo emphasizing board control, your job is to win the board control. Facing slower decks, you want to play a little faster before your opponent reaches the late game. But always be careful not to be wiped out by AoE opponents.