Tempo Rogue (Frozen Throne Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Tempo Rogue (Frozen Throne Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Tempo Rogue is an aggressive deck that utilizes Pirate synergy and tempo cards to dominate the early game. After winning in the game, this deck can finish off the opponent with burst damage.
Since the balance patch a few weeks ago, the super aggressive deck that became Tempo Rogue’s main enemy began to decrease. This condition made this deck then get space to master the Hearthstone ladder until the end of the Frozen Throne expansion period.


Tempo Rogue (Frozen Throne Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
Although there are many variants, these decks generally have several cards which are the main components, namely the cheap Pirate card, Prince Keleseth, and the combo of Leeroy Jenkins, Cold Blood, and Shadowstep as finisher.
Prince Keleseth is a very powerful card if you can use it since the beginning of the game. Adding + 1 / + 1 to all minions on the deck will give you a significant advantage in the long run because you will always excel in value and trade with your opponents.
Southsea Captain and also Patches The Pirate is a very powerful combination if you can get it at the beginning of the game. Moreover, Rogue itself also has several Pirate cards like Swashburglar, making Southsea Captain have a higher value on this deck.
Coupled with the effects of Prince Keleseth, you will get a significant advantage in the early game thanks to this Pirate group.
Finally, Leeroy Jenkins, Cold Blood, and Shadowstep are three combinations that have been characteristic of Rogue for a long time. In addition to providing a very large burst of damage, these three cards are quite flexible and don’t have to be combined with each other to get the maximum effect.
You can just use Cold Blood earlier in other minions to produce damage, then finish off your opponent on a few turns following the combination of Leeroy Jenkins and Shadowstep. Not only that, you can use Shadowstep to Prince Keleseth to get the effect twice in one turn.
Beyond these main components, there are several cards that are also quite common on this deck. Bonemare and Cobalt Scalebane are able to strengthen the advantages that you have gained. Then a card like SI: 7 Agent, Vilepine Slayer, Backstab will help you control or reverse the tempo of the game.


Tempo Rogue (Frozen Throne Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
Since it was first popular, this deck has many different variants. The list that I use beside is a cheaper variant because it minimizes the use of Legendary cards.
Some of the more popular lists use additional Legendary items such as Shaku, Xaril, and / or Cairne replacing Vicious Fledgling. Some variants also focus heavily on the synergy of the Pirate, using cards such as Naga Corsair or Phantom Freebooter. Then there are also variants that use Corpsetaker synergized with Argent Commander and Stormwatcher.
Tempo Rogue (Frozen Throne Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3


The dream start for this deck is to get Prince Keleseth in the opening hand. As I mentioned above, being able to activate this card effect as quickly as possible in the game will give you a very big edge.
Activates Prince Keleseth followed by Southsea Captain which then calls Patches with stats 3/3 on the board. If you can activate Prince Keleseth two or three times thanks to Shadowstep, you will get a very significant advantage.
Tempo Rogue (Frozen Throne Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 4
But without Prince Keleseth even though you still have many options in the early game. The interesting Southsea Captain combination Patche remains strong even though it doesn’t get buffs.
In addition, the Backstab and SI: 7 Agents will help you seize the tempo and initiative on the board at the beginning of the game. If you can maintain excellence throughout the game, you should be able to land some damage to your opponent and make the transition to the late game easier.
Turn five and up is the time when you start looking for opportunities to finish off your opponents. Cobalt Scalebane and Bonemare will make your superiority even harder to stem. Then if you are in lethal range, you can finish off your enemies with Bonemare, Leeroy Jenkins, and / or Cold Blood.
Tempo Rogue (Frozen Throne Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 5
Do not carelessly use tempo cards like Backstab or SI: 7 Agents. Make sure you use the effects of this card as much as possible. Not only that, make sure you also have a way to activate the combo card when needed.
This can be done simply by storing inexpensive cards such as Fire Fly or Swashburglar. But not a few players who do not think long and as long as playing the cards in hand.
The only weakness of this deck is an aggressive deck that can fill the board quickly. Zoo deck has many options on one turn for example can make you very troublesome, because if you can’t keep up with it, you will soon be overwhelmed by not having an AoE clear board.