Taunt Druid Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Taunt Druid Hearthstone Decklist Guide – The Witchwood expansion provides one important card for Druids at Hearthstone, namely Witching Hour. Thanks to this one card, Druids are now able to refine Taunt Druids that are centered on Hadronox interactions and Taunt minions.
This deck is capable of surviving well against aggressive decks to the amount of Taunt possessed. Then with a late game minion that is quite strong, this deck can also win the value game facing some slower decks.


Taunt Druid Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
The main Win condition of this deck is in the Hadronox to revive the Taunt minion that you played throughout the game. To ensure you kill the Hadronox, you must bring Naturalize. It also functions as a hard removal especially facing control decks that have large minions or like to store lots of cards in the hand.
You can increase the value of Hadronox with Witching Hour. This card will revive Hadronox which is a Beast. Then you can force Kill Hadronox once again with the Carnivorous Cube. That way when the Carnivorous Cube dies, you will get Hadronox back on the board.
Make sure the Hadronox is the only Beast inside the deck. That way you can guarantee that Witching Hour will definitely turn on Hadronox.
You have many Taunt choices to maximize the Hadronox effect. Some of the early and mid-range games that are strong are Tar Creeper, Ironwood Golem, and Crypt Lord. Then in the late game you can use Lich King which has high value and Primordial Drake that functions as a clear board.
The only thing you need to remember is don’t fill this deck with Taunt who has Battlecry. Besides having less stats, the Battlecry Minion effect will not be active when revived by Hadronox. This will make the effect of Hadronox not as strong as you want.
After that, fill in the remaining slots on your deck with ramps and draw cards like Wild Growth and Nourish. Then you can bring Swipe as an additional clear board.


Taunt Druid Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2 
In general, dealing with aggressive decks you want to play is very enduring. That means removal like Spell Stone and cheap Taunt like Tar Creper and Crypt Lord are important cards that you have to have on hand. Summons Oak and Swipe can also make you survive longer.
Your job is to survive as long as possible and drain the opponent’s damage to your minion. Meanwhile, make a draw or ramp if possible. When stepping on the late game, then you take the initiative by activating the Hadronox effect. If you don’t have an answer, your opponent shouldn’t be able to answer the big wall you made.
Taunt Druid Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
The only disadvantage of this deck is when facing an aggressive deck that is able to fill the board quickly from the start of the game. Under certain conditions, Swipe isn’t even enough to answer the opponent’s board. Therefore, make sure you maintain the condition of your opponent’s board before it cannot be answered.
Facing a slow deck, you can play more greedy and proactive. You must save Wild Growth and Nourish to get excellence as soon as possible. Every time you activate Hadronox, you might force your opponent to use a clear board.
If that happens, refill your board with the next Hadronox. Once the board is clear to answer the Hadronox effect, the opponent will start to have trouble.
Taunt Druid Hearthstone Decklist Guide 4
Pay attention to the class you are dealing with. Some classes can damage the combo that you have. Mage and Shaman, for example, have Polymorph and Hex which make your minion turn into a weak Beast. This makes Witching Hour no guarantee of reviving Hadronox.
Knowing matchup and the deck you are facing can also affect the way you use other cards. Facing the Cube Lock for example, you can consider using Naturalize to the opponent’s minions in the early game. This can force the alias milling to make the opponent burn several cards because they have full hands.
Some classes also do not have silence or direct answers to Hadronox. So facing a deck like this you can be a little more liberal in using Hadronox.
Overall, this deck is quite solid with a defensive mechanism that is quite okay in the early game and a very strong late game initiative. As long as you can navigate your opponent and the game well, some matchups you can handle easily.