Spiteful Dragon Priest Post Nerf Kobolds Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Spiteful Dragon Priest Post Nerf Kobolds Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Spiteful Dragon Priest is one of the Dragon Priest deck variants that has emerged since the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. As the name implies, this deck utilizes the Spiteful Summoner effect to create a swing tempo in an instant.
Even though it looks one dimensional, this deck still has other winning options. Like a Dragon-themed deck, Spiteful Dragon Priest has strong minions that synergize with each other and are able to win various matchups well.


Spiteful Dragon Priest Post Nerf Kobolds Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
This deck has three key cards that you must enter. The first is Spiteful Summoner which is a big idea from this deck. After that, you have to enter a spell where the cost is large to ensure the Spiteful Summoner will attract and bring up large minions. Two spell choices are Free from Amber and Mind Control.
If you want to guarantee that Spiteful Summoner pulls from Amber and Mind Control, you can’t enter another spell. So fill the rest of your deck with minions, especially Dragon.
You have many dragons that are strong throughout the early to late games. This Dragon Troop can be the second win condition or a tool to make the Spiteful Summoner turn safer.
Some neutral dragons like Faerie Dragon, Cobalt Scalebane, and Twilight Drake are some of the choices that you must enter. Then cards like Netherspite Historian will provide additional ammunition as needed.
Priest has many class cards that make this Dragon-themed deck quite solid. Since it first appeared, Operative Draconid has always been the right choice. Then in this expansion there is a Duskbreaker that functions as a clear board facing aggressive decks.
Then there are several other synergy cards that you can use such as Northshire Cleric for card draw, Shadow Ascendant and Talonpriest Kabal for early game tempo, and Twilight Acolyte as pseudo-removal.
As an alternative to utilizing the two heavy spells you carry, enter the Grand Archivist. Then fill in the remaining slots with your chosen tech card.

Variants and Tech Cards

You have several choices of tech cards depending on the matchup you are looking for or anticipating. To handle aggro, you can add several taunts such as the Saronite Chain Gang.
Removal like Book Wyrm is also not bad for aggroes that often carry small minions. Insert two pairs of cards to replace aggressive cards like your Cobalt Scalebane and spell.
To anticipate deck control, you can insert several more greedy cards. One of the best options is the second Grand Archivist, or even a late game card like Ysera. Enter replaces defensive cards like Tar Creeper.


Spiteful Dragon Priest Post Nerf Kobolds Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
Mulligan and the Spiteful Dragon Priest gameplay are actually quite simple. If you face aggro, your job is to answer and overcome enemy aggression throughout the early game. Defensive cards such as Tar Creeper and Duskbreaker are the cards that you are looking for when doing Mulligan.
As long as you can balance your opponent’s aggression, you should be able to make the transition to mid and lategame. You can then turn around to play your key card and overwhelm your opponent who starts running out of resources.
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Control matchup is an easier prey for this deck. When faced with control decks that tend to be slow, look for your value cards like Drakonid Operative and especially Spiteful Summoners.
In this matchup, you have to play more aggressively and take the initiative. Press and force your opponent to use removal before stepping on mid game. That way you can issue Spiteful Summoners without being able to be answered by your opponent.
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Even if your opponent can answer Spiteful Summoner, you still have Mind Control, Free From Amber, or even a card that you get from Drakonid Operative, Netherspite Historian, or Curious Glimmeroot.